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OutFoxxed! (latest revision: 2004/12/18)

Designed and developed by Matt Slaybaugh, Joe Versoza, Isabel Staicut, and Dave Maccarella

OutFoxxed! is a two-player game using Flash Communications Server that combines elements of Rock-Paper-Scissors with traditional board games such as Checkers and Go

This game is probably the best of any game I’ve ever been part of.
Unfortunately, the multiplayer aspect is disabled and we haven’t fixed that, nor created a single-player version.… Read the rest


My last name is Slaybaugh.

Some in my family have wondered what it means in its (presumably) Germanic origin.

Does it mean ‘Limp’ or ‘Sleeping River’?

Here are my findings.

This site

says that one common Amish name is Slabaugh (Schlappach)

I’ve seen other similar names, such as Schlabaugh and Schlabach

This English-German dictionary

defines ‘Schlapp’ as:

  • ‘flabby’
  • ‘flaccid’
  • ‘flagging’
  • ‘floppy’
  • ‘limp’
  • ‘muscleless’
  • ‘slack’
  • ‘spiritless’
  • ‘weak-kneed’
  • ‘yellow’

‘ach’ on its own means ‘Oh!’ and seems to be an odd suffix, but, according to

‘schlappmachen’ means ‘to break down’

‘schlappmachend’ means ‘breaking down’

‘schlappgemacht’ means ‘broken down’

Ah, pride

Although, the original name could have been Schlabach, in which case, the etymology could have been ‘Schla’ + ‘bach’.

‘Bach’ means brook or stream

‘Schla’ … Read the rest

Sustainable Electrochemical Energy

If the goal is sustainable energy, where might we find it?

We all know about the possibilities and realities of solar, wind, and to a lesser extent tidal and geothermal power, but I thought there might be another untapped and under-researched area: junk yards.

Note: all images have been lost in the ether

Millions of tons of purified metals are discarded each year* in landfills, in the form of construction refuse and personal and industrial appliances.

These metals were expensive to mine and purify, and represent wealth to some degree, except for the fact that they are scattered about.

But in some developing countries, where scavenging objects is part of daily life for some people, and electrical energy is often in short supply, electrochemical energy from … Read the rest

Chocolate-Orange Beverage

Chocolate and Orange is one of the less-appreciated yet more delicious flavor combinations.

Many agree on its gustatory appeal, but other than a few brands of orange-flavored chocolate candies, there is very little on the market to excite my tongue the way I wish it to be.

Ever eager to experiment, I wondered the following:
“What happens when you mix hot chocolate with Tang?”

I could have mixed Tang with chocolate milk, but from experience I know that mixing acidic beverages with milk often curdles it, leaving it unpalatable and gross.

So, I opted for a hot beverage and put a spoonful of store-brand hot chocolate powder in a mug, along with a spoonful of Tang powder (regular kind, not the new tropical fruit kind) and … Read the rest

Review: Conqueror!

Game Design

November 11, 2004

Conqueror! ( ) follows the tradition introduced to me via RISK, and continued with products such as Axis & Allies – games that simulate warfare by having players manage armies on a playing board that represents an actual map of the world – or in the case of Conqueror!, a map of Europe circa AD 1000. Unlike its predecessors, however, Conqueror! is not a board game but an online multiplayer (up to 16) game, currently in beta development, and currently free.

Making the game digital has allowed the authors to automate much of the more cumbersome tasks related to resource management. In games such as Axis & Allies, there is a practical cap on how complex, and thus how realistic, … Read the rest

Solar-Powered Fire


1 – Create passive, solar-powered water electrolysis device

2 – Store generated hydrogen in volumes of at least 1 liter

3 – When volume reaches desired threshhold, release gas and ignite with a spark.

1) – The technology to electrolyze water is extremely simple, any AC or DC power source with both leads submerged in an electrolytic solution (eg water with a little salt dissolved).

(The leads should be of the same metal, otherwise the anode will begin to corrode and the cathode will begin to be electroplated)

As soon as current begins flowing, bubbles appear on the surface of the leads.

1cc (1mL, 1gram) water can be electrolysized to about 1,230cc of hydrogen and about 9,840cc Oxygen. (enough hydrogen to fill a 1-quart bottle … Read the rest

Christian Warfare

“In 1139 the Pope decreed crossbows to be too murderous for “Christian warfare” and directed an interdict against them.

Naturally, he still encouraged their use against infidels.

Richard the Lionhearted disobeyed the edict and continued to employ crossbowmen in his armies.

To the amused sense of irony for many of the period (and us), he was later killed by a crossbow bolt.”

from the now-defunct The Forge but more hereRead the rest




Very Low current (max. 50 mA)

Low voltage (max. 50 V).


PNP switching transistor in a TO-92; SOT54 plastic package. NPN complement: 2N3904.

* Low current (max. 200 mA)

* Low voltage (max. 40 V).


NPN switching transistor in a TO-92; SOT54 plastic package. PNP complement: 2N3906.

* Low current (max. 200 mA)

* Low voltage (max. 40 V).

PN2222A; NPN switching transistor

NPN switching transistor in a TO-92; SOT54 plastic package. PNP complement: PN2907A.

* High current (max. 600 mA)

* Low voltage (max. 40 V).

2N2222A NPN General Purpose Transistor

NPN switching transistor in a TO-18 metal package. PNP complement: 2N2907A.

High current (max. 800 mA)

Low voltage (max. 40 V).


NPN TO-3 metal case

Very High current … Read the rest

HTML Koans

Is your path relative or absolute?

A path begins with an anchor and a reference – do you have a target?

Does your style cascade?

Is your style inline or external?

Do you generate statically or dynamically?

What color is your background?

Content exists in a cell. Is your cell padded? Does it have a border?

If your path does not include a target you will remain in the same frame you are now.… Read the rest


Gladiator (latest revision: 2004/05/10)

Designed and developed by Matt Slaybaugh, Wontae Kim, and Joey Silayan

Gladiator is a one-player game with a core mechanic of having to collect spent arrows before being able to fire again.

Gladiator Concept Realizations


This first version is weak in gameplay, primarily because the AI is too rigid and the number of user-choices on any turn is too limited.
It’s also almost impossible to win.

WolfHunter II: Catalaunian Fields

This second version has a much larger board, which opens up the number of choices too much, resulting in a lot of meaningless clicking. This version is too easy.

WolfHunter III: Wittgenstein’s Revenge

This penultimate version has an appropriate board-size and more challenging play. An uncaught bug/feature allows multiple wolves in … Read the rest