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JavaScript hyphens

I don’t normally broadcast this kind of thing but it was one of those situations where I had been gesturing rudely at the computer screen for hours on end before finally having the revelation: when validating a web form with JavaScript, it will fail if you have hyphens in the form names.

I’ve been doing this kind of thing for over ten years and I don’t recall this ever coming up before.

Normally, when you validate a form, if the code detects a problem (e.g. an empty field that is required, or an email address that’s not a real address) it aborts the submission of the form, thus saving time both for the user and the server. But the form I was working with defied … Read the rest

Beeriodic Table

beeriodic table

A user on reddit submitted a poster he created of “Periodic Table of Beer Styles” that displays 65 different styles of beer in a format similar to Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements.

In the beeriodic table, ales are on the left and lagers on the right, with lighter beers at the top. Instead of atomic weight, valence, etc. the table lists: Gravity (density), SRM (color), ABV (alcohol % by volume) and IBU (international bitterness units, essentially hoppiness)

I don’t know if I agree entirely with the layout, but it’s fun – and a handy way to visualize how similar or different any two styles are.… Read the rest

What We Are

NYC CSA is a resource for

  • Producers (fishermen; fruit, vegetable, and livestock farmers; brewers and vintners; and producers of craft foods using locally-sourced ingredients)
  • Wholesale Purchasers (restaurant owners and distributors)
  • Individual Consumers (people looking for fresh, local produce, meat, fish, and other locally-sourced foods)
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Taughannock Falls

Visited Trumansburg, NY over the weekend for Michael’s 40th birthday. I remembered T-Burg fondly, music at the Rongo, stories of Robert Moog and his famous guests, etc. It was great to see the people there, well-traveled, educated, and interesting people who had chosen a more agrarian life in the Finger Lakes area.

The weather was pure crud, naturally, but the food was great. Although the roads were dangerously slippery, especially in a car that had never known a snow tire, I made a point of driving to Taughannock Falls (I spell-checked ‘Taughannock’ and the suggested replacement was ‘Laughingstock’, but googling the word showed I had spelled it correctly, to my surprise). The falls are higher than Niagara and when we got to the overlook there was … Read the rest

Dallas Day 3

We did not know in advance that the big Christmas parade was taking place today. 350,000 people attended.
My favorite float was probably the Star Wars float. It was just cool to see so many stormtroopers. It was weird to have them right behind Spongebob, though. The local culture was reflected in the other groups, e.g. Blond women in cowboy hats and mini skirts, Hispanic women in Mayan garb

Checked out the Grassy Knoll and book depository where Kennedy was shot. Most tourist traps are sites of historic achievements. I had never been to a site of an assassination. One guy was following me around trying to get me to give him money for an impromptu tour. He kept talking about ‘the head shot’ and ‘the … Read the rest

Dallas Day 2

One fascinating thing about Dallas is the history of La Reunion, a utopian community of European artists and writers trying to make an ideal society on the American frontier.

The voting record of Dallas is also far more progressive than I had assumed. The city went for Kerry in 2004.

“Dollars, Taxes” is an apt nickname with sales tax at 8.25%
So far, the food has been expensive, and it feels like I’m paying the same prices or higher than what I pay for the same things in New York City.
Dallas violent crime rate is 2.29 times the national average
New York City violent crime rate is 0.49 the national average, meaning you’re tice as likely to be murdered OUTSIDE New York City … Read the rest

Dallas Day 1


Dallas, Day 1
I hate flying. In center seat in back of plan, so lots of waiting and 3 & 1/2 hours with my arms at my sides. My knees start to hurt, and I’m not even a tall person.
My iPod is now a necessity when flying. I download This American Life episodes and zone away.
AirTran has XM Radio which is sometimes even better except whenever the pilot or attendants have something to say it gets broadcast through the same headphone jacks and is unpleasantly loud.
Cab driver friendly. I remember getting ripped off by a cabbie in San Antonio ten years ago and now hold a grudge against all taxi drivers in Texas. But I should give that up.
Hotel Magnolia very … Read the rest

Magic Hat Howl

Magic Hat is one of my preferred breweries (others are Victory, Stone and of course, Dogfish Head) partly because they’re in one of my favorite small cities (Burlington, Vermont) but also because they experiment so much with different recipes.

Their new winter seasonal is called Howl and is a “black lager”. If you drink craft beer, you’ll know how rare lagers are, since it’s a lot easier for beginners to make ales. One exception is Victory’s Prima Pils, which is my favorite pilsner-style.

Howl is not very high in alcohol, but has a heavier taste than, for example, Guiness, but without the shapness that stouts can have.

It’s good.… Read the rest