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Public Profiler World Family Names

publicprofiler is a free online tool that displays the frequency of surnames around the world. Type in any name and you can see where that name is most common.

I found that the state with the most people who share my surname is Wyoming, and the city with the most people with that name is Pomeroy, Washington – much to my surprise. Most of the other cities where my name is common are in Pennsylvania, which I knew already. The most common first name for people with my last name is Richard.… Read the rest


I did this kind of molecular visualization in the mid-90s on a Silicon Graphics Onyx. It’s mind-blowing that you can do it in your browser now, using JavaScript no less.

“Sick of complicated protein viewers?
Then welcome to Jolecule, the truly web-based protein viewer – all your work saved to the cloud – and no plugins needed.

Jolecule has a beautiful interface that makes it incredibly easy to focus on specific atoms. It works with trackpads and even (slowly) on the iPad.

Written in HTML5, Jolecule works in modern browsers such as Chrome and Safari and mostly in Firefox.”

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There’s no shortage of drum machine simulators online, but this is the only one I’ve seen done in HTML/JavaScript (what we used to call DHTML)

Patternsketch is an HTML5 and Javascript audio sequencer and drum machine. With it, you can create audio patterns, play them back, adjust playback tempo, volume, and change the audio kit. You can also save, export, and collaborate with your friends.

Patternsketch is an excercise in imagining what browser based music tools could be, and an exploration in the possibilities of new web technologies. It was built with Javascript (no frameworks) and HTML5 (no flash).

The goal of this project was to create a tool that musicians and casual music fans could use to create music patterns and collaborate on rhythmic

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Fanciful Submarines

Etsier gingerbees has a series of wonderful illustrations her father drew of steampunk vehicles.

“In Loving Memory of my father and Artist: Andrew George Brown 1950-1982. The Original Pen & Ink with marker illustrations were made in the year 1980. It has been 30 years since these master pieces have been seen or reproduced. I have taken the most care and love possible combined with my own fine art background to make sure these images are reproduced with the best possible quality and likeness in essence to their originals within an affordable range. There are 12 Fanciful Submarines in this collection; I hope you enjoy the magic and creativity of these images as much as I do.”… Read the rest

Crunchy Homemade Potato Chips in the Microwave

La Cucina di Kat has a post about making potato chips in the microwave.

The idea seemed implausible since microwaves tend to make crispy things (e.g. toast, pizza crust) stiff, not the other way around. But I tried it and it totally works, the chips are very crispy and light. One potato made about 40 chips (sliced with a mandolin) and I had to do it in 2 batches since that’s all that fits without overlapping the chips. It’s a little time-consuming, maybe 20 minutes (slicing + 7 minutes each for 2 batches from one potato) but makes a decent snack and it uses almost no oil.… Read the rest

Dynamic Diagrams Information Design Watch

The design/marketing group Dynamic Diagrams keeps a blog called Information Design Watch that is a great resource for what’s new and interesting in the field of visualization.

Shown here is a post from Presentation Zen, looking at what the briefing in Star Wars would have looked like had they had PowerPoint available to them.
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