Daily Archives: 2011-11-08

Infused Ethanol pt II

In the continuing effort to create my own amaro/bitters/digestive (in the style of Fernet or Campari or Gin or Angostura Bitters) I’ve been infusing various herbs in alcohol to help me decide which to add to my master mixture.

I bottled a few 2 weeks ago and tried them yesterday and today.

HerbRosemaryTarragonThymeBay Laurel
ColorLovely chartreuse colorBeautiful deep green color, nearly teal when concentratedDeep green colorPale straw color almost unappealingly brown when concentrated
AromaFlowery aroma with only a hint of RosemaryPleasant vaguely sweet aroma, Not recognizably tarragonStrong thyme smellVery clean aroma almost like a pleasant household cleaner or shoe polish. It could make a good cologne or scent for shampoo
Flavor Adding water clouded
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