Hilo Bay Cafe

The best meal we’ve had in Hilo, possibly the best we’ve had on the island. It’s a shame we didn’t discover it much sooner. It’s just slightly too far to walk, so we wouldn’t have gone much anyway, but we would have taken guests there.

It’s not cheap. Dinners for the three of us are consistently in one of three levels: around $20-$25 for all of us, around $50, or around $70-$80. This meal (with drinks and appetizers but no dessert) was about $90.

But the quality of the food was at a level I would expect in NYC or other cosmopolitan area. The dishes were all varied from each other, full of flavor, and each plate had a range of flavors and textures. The interior was modern and appealing.

The worst part of the place is that it’s in a strip mall next to a walmart, so there’s not much view out the window. I don’t understand the zoning rules around here. There is so much natural beauty and so much space to work with, yet it’s as though the government wants to make the place look like coastal New Jersey, with heavy industry, residential, and commercial all mixed together.