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Big Island Candies

Big Island Candies makes and sells high-quality chocolate.

It’s located just off of Kekuanaoa st, which takes you from the airport onto Kilauea ave. I’ve passed it many times without realizing it was there. It’s a large facility and they make the chocolates right there so you can watch the candies being made. The image of several white-coated workers dipping cookies into enrobing chocolate is not quite as exciting as the Willy Wonka movie would suggest, but it’s still fun.

A lady by the door hands out samples before people are even completely inside and that sense of sharing and generosity is nice. There are lots of high-quality chocolates and some novelties such as chocolate-covered fortune cookies and even chocolate-covered squid.

The downside when I was … Read the rest

Aloha Dispatch Month 4

Driving a white minivan: boo!
Driving a white minivan to a volcano: yay!

I learned a fact about tsunamis. They stink horribly.

The water that goes into a wave comes primarily from the part of ocean just ahead of the crest; a trough appears because there is a wave behind it.
So a very large wave, such as a tsunami, takes an enormous amount of water just ahead of the crest.
People who have experienced tsunamis say they know when one is imminent because the water level at the shore starts droppping quickly, like a sped-up ebb tide.
A tsunami that is large enoughtakes so much water ahead of itself that the ocean floor is sometimes exposed – all the muck that has sat at … Read the rest