Full Moon Cafe

Full Moon Cafe has some of the better Thai food we’ve had. What we ate was in fact, probably some of the best-prepared food we’ve eaten in Hawaii. It managed to be full of flavor without relying on simply adding more fat and salt. Most of the food so far in Hilo has been mediocre, but Full Moon Cafe is an exception.

The location is also quite pleasant. So much of Hilo is run down, but FMC is not.

Unfortunately, the service we had was terrible. It’s one thing to be slow and apologetic, or rude but efficient. There’s no reason for being both slow and rude.

The prices are on the high side, but you can find some more reasonably-priced dishes.

Their hours are very … Read the rest

21 Emotions without an English word equivalent

21 emotions

They include, “Saudade” (Portuguese)
A somewhat melancholic feeling of incompleteness. Longing for something that might never return.Yearning.

Another I learned was the Japanese word “genki”, which translates roughly as “well” as in “feeling well” or how some people use the word “wellness”. My understanding of the word is that it means “healthy in body and spirit”

There is a subtext here, that English has plenty of words to express anger but not enough to express fear, tenderness, or nostalgia

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Aloha Dispatch Month 2

The new year marks the end of our second month in Hilo, 1/3rd of the way through our adventure. Our building is currently under lockdown because a man, after shooting two police officers (in the legs) ran toward the building.

Reports of gun shots in Hilo, two officers shot

This is the second manhunt in Hilo in the past month. The first was when two men escaped from the local “correctional center”

There is a good ol’ boy / redneck-y feel to this place sometimes. I don’t fear for my own safety, but we’re never far from guys who like to get into trouble.

Christmas was a nice meal (all vegan, and quite tasty) with friends and about a dozen kids altogether. Met a … Read the rest

Prabha’s Indian Restaurant

Prabha opened in the Summer of 2012 and relocated to their current location in November. They are one of the few (if not the only) all-vegetarian restaurants in Hilo (if not the whole island). Almost all of the dishes are vegan. The ones with paneer are the exception.

The food is served on a steam table and weighed and you pay by weight at $8/lb, which is a little odd, but worked out for us. The three of us ate for around $23 and it was plenty of food. The dishes were familiar Indian food, curries with cauliflower, spinach, potato, acorn squash, and breadfruit. The sauces were lighter than the ones I’ve had at most other Indian restaurants, which tend to use lots of cream. The … Read the rest