Filament Friday: “Silk Like” Filament Gives Glossy Prints

Everyone at my hackerspace kept asking what filament I’d used for a print I’d made with Silk Like, because it gives off a shiny lustrous texture that turns heads.

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One of the Earliest Industrial Spies Was a French Missionary Stationed in China


Plenty of today’s technological arms races involve an element of industrial espionage. An executive from Uber has been accused of stealing autonomous car-related data from his old employer, Google. Just this month, the same company was accused of using hidden tracking software to keep tabs on their chief ride-hailing rival, Lyft. And China is trying to partner with the European Union on a suite of new moon bases partly because they can’t work on scientific projects with the United States, thanks to laws meant to prevent secret-stealing.

But intellectual property theft hasn’t always involved elaborate software programs and moonshots. Back in the 17th century, all it took to steal trade secrets was a Jesuit missionary with an eye for detail who was fluent in Chinese … Read the rest

More of a Capitalist Parasite Than a Fascist, TBH


Bourbon in Belgrade

Earlier this month, Serbian citizens went to the polls to elect their new president. Reigning prime minister Aleksandar Vucic was more than just a clear frontrunner: he was already the president-elect in all but name. The election itself was a mere formality, and no one with a shred of political literacy truly thought that he could be denied the presidency. Instead, the vote became a referendum on Vucic himself and his five years in power.

Optimists saw it as an opportunity to build some momentum around a long-feeble opposition that could perhaps weaken his stranglehold on government at the next parliamentary elections. But the playing field wasn’t just uneven, it was farcical: the campaign period would last a mere 30 days–the absolute minimum … Read the rest

The Brand New Island of Surtsey

Located about 30 kilometers off the southern coast of Iceland, lies the small island of Surtsey. It is one of the world's youngest island with an age just over fifty years.

Like all islands, Surtsey was conceived in an underwater volcanic eruption which began at a depth of 130 meters in the Norwegian Sea. Molten lava kept piling up at the bottom and a mound began to rise, until it broke the surface on 14 November 1963, and the island was officially born.


Surtsey on November 30, 1963, 16 days after the beginning of the eruption. Photo credit: Howell Williams.

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Found: Mystery Safe Unopened for 40 Years

For two decades, the owner of the Bonanza Steakhouse ran a popular restaurant in Saskatoon, Canada, and in all that time he was never curious enough about the unopened safe hidden in his building to go to the effort of finding out what’s inside.

But recently, the building was a destroyed in a fire, and the safe was liberated. Previously, it had been hidden beneath the floor of the women’s washroom. Once, that room had been the building’s office, and when it was converted to the bathroom the safe was basically abandoned. According to the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, the safe hasn’t been opened for about 40 years.

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The Forgotten Ruins of Mrauk U

Spread across the beautiful rolling hills of Rakhine in Western Burma, lies a little known archeological site—the medieval town of Mrauk U. Once the capital of the powerful Arakan empire where Portuguese, Dutch and French traders rubbed shoulders with the scholars of Bengal and Mughal princes on the run, Mrauk U is now a sleepy village where goat herders tend to their animals, farmers work their fields and women fetch water from the wells located among the hundreds of old temples and Buddhist pagodas that the Kings of Mrauk U erected during the city’s heydays.


Photo credit: Steffen Korn/Flickr

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