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3D Printed Organs Look, Feel and Bleed Like the Real Thing

When it comes to 3D printing organs for practicing difficult surgeries, texture can be as important as structure. Researchers across the globe have been using 3D printers to make custom models of brains, spines and hearts to practice difficult surgeries. But some have taken that research to the next level by designing printed organs that feel, move and bleed like the real thing. The slimy, squishy materials not only help doctors get a more realistic understanding of complex cases, they can help medical students develop muscle memory faster. The University of Rochester’s Simulated Inanimate Model for a Physical Learning Experience (SIMPLE) project uses hydrogel to create 3D-printed organs that bleed when cut. ‚ÄúVery few surgical simulations are successful at recreating the live event from the … Read the rest

Abandoned City of Pripyat in Pryp'yat', Ukraine

Atlas Obscura

“When one thinks of Chernobyl, vacation spot is certainly not the first thing to come to mind. However, more than two decades after the terrible reactor meltdown, tours of the contaminated towns surrounding the infamous reactor are gaining in popularity. On April 26, 1986, during a test to see how much power was needed to keep the No. 4 reactor operating in the event of a blackout, the Chernobyl Nuclear Station exploded, releasing extremely dangerous amounts of radioactive chemicals into the air, which over time contaminated millions of square miles in dozens of European nations. The IAEA estimates that approximately 30 people were killed by the explosion and related radiation exposure, with several thousand additional deaths due to higher cancer incidence … Read the rest

Space Settlement

NASA has a server called (password-protected) with a subdomain at which contains a number of odd things, including an archive of artists’ renderings of proposed earthling settlements in space. The proposals are basically for big round greenhouses, rotating to simulate gravity via centrifugal force – not so different than what has been proposed in a lot of science fiction in movies and on TV.

Somehow I’m comforted that there are people making plans for this kind of thing, even though it’s discouraging to see how so much of the optimism of the 60s and 70s (regarding space travel as well as almost everything else) never went anywhere.… Read the rest


This is one of those things that sounds more like a discarded Dharma Initiative plot line from Lost than reality, yet it’s real. The Burlington (VT) Free Press recently profiled the Teresem Movement Foundation, based in Bristol, VT, which calls itself a “a transreligion for technological times”.

They are working on promoting “exponential life” – essentially getting to the point where we can download our consciousnesses into robotic bodies. The idea has been explored recently in shows such as Dollhouse and Caprica and does seem to be the ultimate target of a lot of scientific research.

Teresem has two journals: The Journal of Geoethical Nanotechnology and The Journal of Personal Cyberconsciousness.

The NYTimes profiled one of the automatons, Bina48, which, along with tripping the … Read the rest

Milgram Redux

Julia had responded to the request for laboratory assistants at the university hospital and arrived at the medical offices a few minutes early.

A few others sat in the waiting room, staring straight ahead with headphones in their ears. One young man looked up when she walked in and then turned his attention back to the wall.

She gave her name to the receptionist who seemed to have difficulty finding Julia’s name in the records, then made a face. “You’re late. Wait here.” And the receptionist walked back out of sight.

“Oh. I…” Julia started toward one of the chairs but then stopped. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other and was turning around to look for a magazine when a side door … Read the rest

Sam Hugh the Junkman

In a town about a half-day’s ride north of here lives Sam Hugh, one of a few hundred people in the area who listed ‘salvage’ as their occupation on the last census.
As in any industry, specialization emerges naturally as individuals gradually earn reputations for knowing more about something than everyone else.
Sam specialized in metal pipes.

A typical salvage job would involve hitching up his horse to his trailer and riding out to one of the abandoned malls.
He would park the trailer near the front doors, which had invariably been smashed open during the panic of ’53 when people looted every store for every bit of food they could find.
Sam would hitch the horse on a very long tether so she could reach … Read the rest

The Fifth Planet

The 5th Planet

Pt 1.

Jackson felt the warm squeeze on his wrist that meant a call was
coming in. It was from Jarvis, the managing dispatcher for Asmico Inc.

“Hi Jarvis, what’s shaking?”

“Everything, man. Where are you?”

Jackson adjusted the cruise module in his rig. “Just drifting to the Moon.”

“Ugh. Why are you wasting time with that bullshit? That doesn’t pay nothing.”

“Well, they’re saving money on fuel and don’t care when the stuff gets
there, and I don’t care to be doing anything but playing videogames,
so it’s a pretty square deal.”

“Dude, drop your dick and listen. Did you hear?”


“You know that one asteroid, in sector 12, ‘Kleopatra’?”

“I don’t know. I think so. One of the bigger ones, … Read the rest

The Seer

The Seer of Island #10 had said that he had never intended to provide answers to anyone, but that did not stop his reputation from growing.
From what his sister described, he had arrived on the island by makeshift raft, like many before him, seeking some of the ordnance rumored to have been stored there, but found the island deserted.
Unlike the others, however, he didn’t leave.
Instead, he dragged his raft and supplies to the center of the island, put up a crude lean-to, lighted a fire and fell into deep contemplation, staring into the flames, wondering what he could possibly do next.

The troubles had continued long after anyone had predicted; long after the ones who had started it had been killed.
Those who … Read the rest