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Lessons Learned from Designing an Escape Room

We’ve been hard at work polishing our portable escape room kit and have come up with a few tips for anyone trying to do the same thing.

#1: Febreze and ventilation

You want as much air flow as possible. When you have multiple people moving energetically in a small space, even the nicer-smelling ones will start to give off the aroma of human body. Air flow is your friend. Febreze is also your friend.

#2: Robust furniture

You don’t want to set up with grandma’s fine porcelain on display over the mantelpiece. Players will pick up and turn over and knock anything and everything they can while looking for clues. I’ve seen Ikea chairs completely dismantled. The corollary is that furniture and light fixtures that look … Read the rest

‘Imiloa Astronomy and Hawaiian Cultural Center

The ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center pleasantly surprised us with the depth of their exhibits and the diversity of their collection, which includes astronomy and Hawaiian culture, as well as the overlap between the two. We watched projected videos of Hawaii, took a ride through space with a robot, played with wooden boat puzzles, learned new Hawaiian words, pushed a lot of buttons, and even enjoyed a 3D movie of the universe. A lot of love went into creating the exhibits and artwork throughout the space, including intricate paper flowers made from recycled paper that you notice first walking in the door. The space was very welcoming and opening for toddlers, and we will definitely plan a trip back to see a show in the planetarium and have … Read the rest

Kid Books

matchstick kidbooks: children’s literature, emphasizing books that promote child development

This is a list I began compiling years ago, when I knew several families with children ranging in age from 2 through mid-adolescence.

It’s essentially all the books that won at least one award.

The categories correspond to a range of children’s ages.
For younger ages, the higher number is the average age of child who would enjoy reading the book, while the lower number is the age of the child who would enjoy listening to the book being read.
Reading level is different for every child, so the numbers given for each category may be above or below your child’s level.

Book recommendations for 3 to 5 year olds


    Eric Carle

  • The Very Lonely
  • Read the rest