New York’s Biggest Food Waste Chef Is Bringing Pulp Burgers to London

The amount of food the world wastes is staggering. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, a third of all food produced gets wasted somewhere within the food system. This ranges from “ugly” veg left to rot in the fields to offcuts lost in processing, fruit chucked by supermarkets, and leftovers left that fester at the back of our fridges. But what if the solution to our global food waste problem could be found on the roof of a London department store? Well, that’s exactly what wastED, a pop-up food waste restaurant that launches tomorrow at Selfridges on Oxford Street, hopes to do. But as I make my way through groups of tourists milling around beauty counters and up the escalators to … Read the rest

Piece of the Berlin Wall at Cafe Turko in Seattle, Washington

Atlas Obscura

“Just up the street from the J.P. Patches statue and right around the corner from the Fremont Troll is a quaint Turkish cafe featuring a nondescript little chunk of concrete that was once a piece of the Iron Curtain. This concrete is actually a rare segment of the Berlin Wall. Standing at 6 feet by 12 feet, it is relatively minute compared to other preserved sections of the wall. Yet its presence invokes the same visions of poverty and despair that afflicted Germany during the Cold War. However, this piece of the Wall that stands in front of Cafe Turko is now just a part of the surrounding neighborhood. The waitstaff are nonchalant about their historic bauble, explaining that … Read the rest

Hilo Bay Cafe

The best meal we’ve had in Hilo, possibly the best we’ve had on the island. It’s a shame we didn’t discover it much sooner. It’s just slightly too far to walk, so we wouldn’t have gone much anyway, but we would have taken guests there.

It’s not cheap. Dinners for the three of us are consistently in one of three levels: around $20-$25 for all of us, around $50, or around $70-$80. This meal (with drinks and appetizers but no dessert) was about $90.

But the quality of the food was at a level I would expect in NYC or other cosmopolitan area. The dishes were all varied from each other, full of flavor, and each plate had a range of flavors and textures. The interior … Read the rest

Big Island Candies

Big Island Candies makes and sells high-quality chocolate.

It’s located just off of Kekuanaoa st, which takes you from the airport onto Kilauea ave. I’ve passed it many times without realizing it was there. It’s a large facility and they make the chocolates right there so you can watch the candies being made. The image of several white-coated workers dipping cookies into enrobing chocolate is not quite as exciting as the Willy Wonka movie would suggest, but it’s still fun.

A lady by the door hands out samples before people are even completely inside and that sense of sharing and generosity is nice. There are lots of high-quality chocolates and some novelties such as chocolate-covered fortune cookies and even chocolate-covered squid.

The downside when I was … Read the rest

Vesta Trattoria and Wine Bar

“With their combined passion for Italian food and the Astoria neighborhood, Leo Sacco and Giuseppe Falco decided to open Vesta Trattoria and Winebar – a neighborhood restaurant offering simple and Italian-inspired favorites guided by the local greenmarket.

They are committed to the Astoria neighborhood; the childhood friends grew up in the area and continue to call it home. Now an extension of their own homes, Vesta Trattoria and Winebar, is dedicated to serving the local community.”


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Urban Rustic

“At Urban Rustic we strive to bring to our community the best of local farmers and producers along with reliably made staples from farther afield. We feature biodynamic, organic and sustainably produced foods and feel that knowledge of the sources of sustenance is key to eating healthy and eating well. At Urban Rustic, we know where our food comes from!”


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“EAT, a local foods restaurant in Greenpoint Brooklyn. At EAT all of our food is purchased directly from organic farmers in the northeast region. Our daily changing menu reflects the bio diversity of the region and the seasons.

We source all our ingredients from Northeast organic farms. Therefore our menu changes regularly. We believe that food is essential to mental and physical health; our simple cooking style and seasonal ingredients ensure all the nutrition in food which industrial cooking takes away. Our menu reflects the bountiful biodiversity of the northeast region.”… Read the rest


“organic coffee food wine”

mon- wed 8am – 9pm
thu-sun 8am – late… Read the rest

Siggy’s Good Food



“We use only Pure, Clean, Organic Whole Foods, We cook with the seasons & the beat of the Earth… (allowing us to offer the freshest most nutritious ingredients possible).

We buy locally – to obtain the freshest and to support our local organic farmers whose methods heal our earth by returning vitality and nutrients to the soil – and your tummy!”


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Salud Organic Goodness

“Salud is the brainchild of a Mexican-American family with a dream to introduce healthier options of homemade Mexican organic edibles. The way it was done for hundreds of years in ancient Mexico.”… Read the rest

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

“Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is a farm, a kitchen, a classroom–an exhibit, a laboratory, a campus. The mission of this unique, nonprofit, member-driven collaboration is to celebrate, teach and advance community-based food production and enjoyment, from farm to classroom to table.

Where does our food really come from?

How does what we choose to eat affect our health, the health of the land, the community and the environment?

What food systems are we supporting with what we choose to buy?

Helping people make these farm-to-table connections is what the Center is all about.

Stone Barns Center is within a 45-minute drive for the nearly 19 million residents of the New York metropolitan area. The Center’s farm, education center and its partner, Blue Hill … Read the rest


“Opened in 2001, Chestnut has evolved into a close, family-oriented restaurant with an ambiance and level of service that goes beyond good food. The restaurant, and now the new bar, both operate in a holistic way, with Chef Eardley setting the tone in the kitchen with clean food fresh from the farm, served by an enthusiastic team.”

271 Smith Street between Sackett and Degraw
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Tues-Sat 5:30 to 11pm
Sunday brunch 11:30 to 3:00pm
Sunday dinner 5:30 to 10:00 pm
Monday Closed… Read the rest


137 Rivington St near Norfolk
Lower East Side, Manhattan
hours: Su-Th: noon-10pm, Fr-Sa: noon-2am

“I’m a 3rd Generation Baozi/Mantou maker. My grandpa used to sell baozi and mantou in Taiwan so we’ve come full circle. Except, this time around, I wanted to improve on the old prototype. Gone are the MSG and “color treated” meats you see in Chinatown. I use Niman Ranch antibiotic/hormone free pork and Certified Angus Skirt Steak. Our Guerrilla Cooking Methods are also 90% energy efficient and remove a lot of barriers to entry for young, independent, small-businesses.”… Read the rest