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Bob Ross Lipsum – A happy little lorem ipsum generator

When you do it your way you can go anywhere you choose. Just let your mind wander and enjoy. This should make you happy. See. We take the corner of the brush and let it play back-and-forth.

A tree needs to be your friend if you’re going to paint him. Let’s build some happy little clouds up here. In your imagination you can go anywhere you want.

Be so very light. Be a gentle whisper. We don’t have to be concerned about it. We just have to let it fall where it will. There is no right or wrong – as long as it makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone.

If I paint something, I don’t want to have to explain what it is. Poor … Read the rest

This Tabletop Game Forces You To Confront Humanity's Future Threats

Image: Eclipse PhaseThe cell doesn’t seem like it’s infected, but it is.Called an eclipse phase, it’s the phase between when a cell is infected by a virus and when the virus actually shows up in the cell.It’s also the name of an award-winning post-apocalyptic sci-fi/horror tabletop roleplaying game with transhumanist themes. In the game, characters work with a secret cross-fraction group protecting transhumanity from existential threats like nuclear proliferation and plagues. The game emphasizes immortality and “resleeving”—that is, copying or uploading your mind/consciousness and downloading it into a new morph, or body. But it’s not all about cool tech tricks: Eclipse Phase has horrific overtones, where “the universe is a very dangerous, uncaring place, and our species teeters on the edge of extinction,” explained Rob … Read the rest

Money from Nigeria laundered in UK 'should go to helping starving children'

The Guardian

“Save the Children say £950m is needed by those affected by Boko Haram, with tens of thousands of children at risk of death in areas held by the groupMoney looted from Nigeria in corrupt practices and laundered through the UK should be used to help save the lives of thousands of children at risk of starvation in the conflict-hit north-east of the country, a leading aid organisation says.More than $1.2 bn (£950m) is needed to save children from starvation and help families to try to piece together their lives at the end of a brutal armed conflict, according to Save the Children. It is appealing for UN agencies and donor governments to step up, warning that the region has … Read the rest

Abandoned City of Pripyat in Pryp'yat', Ukraine

Atlas Obscura

“When one thinks of Chernobyl, vacation spot is certainly not the first thing to come to mind. However, more than two decades after the terrible reactor meltdown, tours of the contaminated towns surrounding the infamous reactor are gaining in popularity. On April 26, 1986, during a test to see how much power was needed to keep the No. 4 reactor operating in the event of a blackout, the Chernobyl Nuclear Station exploded, releasing extremely dangerous amounts of radioactive chemicals into the air, which over time contaminated millions of square miles in dozens of European nations. The IAEA estimates that approximately 30 people were killed by the explosion and related radiation exposure, with several thousand additional deaths due to higher cancer incidence … Read the rest