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Watch the Highlights of the Most Futuristic Version of the Olympics

Watch these videos if you want to be inspired. Not even being paralyzed has stopped these folks from racing. A series of clips from IEEE Spectrum posted on YouTube this week features highlights of the Cybathlon 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland, a championship for athletes with disabilities, who use a variety…
Source: Motherboard
Watch the Highlights of the Most Futuristic Version of the Olympics

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How 3D Printing Is Revolutionizing Stop Motion Animation

“In an age of countless computer-generated box office hits coming out of Pixar, Disney and Dreamworks, many had feared that traditional styles of animation like stop motion would become obsolete. But small studios like LAIKA have proven that stop motion animated films are not only commercially viable, but is an art form that’s still evolving, thanks to 3D printing, and some incredibly talented animators. Films like the recently released “Kubo and the Two Strings” show how 3D printing is enabling animators to push the boundaries of stop motion animation.”… Read the rest

Angelo Badalamenti Reveals How He and David Lynch Composed the Twin Peaks‘ “Love Theme”

Open Culture

“On my last trip to New York, some friends took me to a favorite new-wave Chinese place of theirs. When I asked where to find the bathroom, they said to go downstairs. The staircase deposited me into one of the most surreal bathroom approaches I’ve ever experienced: a long, narrow, fully mirrored hallway with a hauntingly familiar composition piped in from speakers installed along its length. Not until I resurfaced and asked what the deal was could I identify the music: the “Love Theme” from David Lynch’s early-1990s television series Twin Peaks. Many TV themes have lodged themselves into our collective memory, mostly through sheer repetition, but few have retained as much evocative power as the one Lynch’s composer, … Read the rest