In the Footsteps of Simeon Meade - Escape from Kilmainham Gaol - Part One: The Cell
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This was the first part of the second Flash point-and-click puzzle/adventure series I made. Most of my Flash projects are now lost to time, but this particular game is preserved at, which has managed to convert some of the old Flash games.

This was one of the few games I actually sold, to Viacom/MTV (who had recently purchased addictinggames) for (I think) $2,000. That was nice of them, considering most game portals just pirated whatever games they wanted.

The look of this series is dark and black-and-white, but slicker than the Obion series I had recently finished. Of all the details of this game, I'm most proud of the sound design.



In the Footsteps of Simeon Meade - Escape from Kilmainham Gaol - Part One: The Cell

This is the second part of the Kilmainham Gaol series, this time preserved at Kongregate. Instead of converting the Flash file, Kongregate requires users to load their swf viewer, which unfortunately is kind of clunky and does not always work.




This was the first game I created in the (at the time) new interactive fiction scripting language 'ChoiceScript', which is used to create 'choose-your-own-adventure' style narrative adventures.

When I was a kid I absolutely loved Infocom games, particularly Infidel and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Zebulon was meant to be in the spirit of the latter.

There is a review at Jay is Games.


Still More


This was the first game I tried making in Puzzlescript, and the only I completed enough to want to distribute it. Puzzlescript is great, both as a way of prototyping games and learning programming and game design.

There are many, many much better puzzlescript games out there, but this is still kind of fun, with a few tricky levels.