The Yarn Tree



“The Yarn Tree is a specialty shop committed to providing its customers with an impressive variety of high-quality yarns and fibers. Opened in summer 2001 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the shop is owned and run by weaver, dyer and fiber-expert Linda LaBelle.

Here you will find classes in knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, felt-making, embroidery, as well as workshops in both natural and low-impact dyeing. Linda is committed to working with small yarn producers, even dealing directly with the sheep farms and working with hand-dyers. You will only find natural fibers at The Yarn Tree.

In September of 2009, The YarnTree partnered with Linda Geren of Highview Farm to carry not only her beautiful yarn but her meat as well. Linda raises hormone-free, meadow-raised sheep and … Read the rest

Siggy’s Good Food



“We use only Pure, Clean, Organic Whole Foods, We cook with the seasons & the beat of the Earth… (allowing us to offer the freshest most nutritious ingredients possible).

We buy locally – to obtain the freshest and to support our local organic farmers whose methods heal our earth by returning vitality and nutrients to the soil – and your tummy!”


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Drew Struzan

The Swedish Bed has a collection of movie posters painted by Drew Struzan.

I had no idea how iconic his work was until I saw so many of his images together. As a kid, the Star Wars movie poster was probably the single most important image in my life for a few years, but I had no idea that the images for the Indiana Jones movies and many other hits from the 70s and 80s were all done by the same guy.… Read the rest

Central Brooklyn CSA

“Our CSA’s mission is to ‘make fresh, sustainable produce, direct from the farmer available and accessible to any Central Brooklyn resident, regardless of economic status.’

Our farmer, Victor, grows at El Mirador Farm in New Jersey. A participant of the New Farmer Development Project of GrowNYC, Victor specializes in exciting produce from Mexico such as epazote, papalo, tomatillos and a variety of peppers. We are so happy to partner with him and support the great farming program.

Distribution occurs every Thursday from June 16th through November 10th (22 weeks) at Hebron SDA Church located at 1256 Dean Street (On the corner of New York Avenue) in Brooklyn, from 5:00-7:30pm. Applications are available at You can also email or call 212-825-0028 ext. 210.”… Read the rest

Salud Organic Goodness

“Salud is the brainchild of a Mexican-American family with a dream to introduce healthier options of homemade Mexican organic edibles. The way it was done for hundreds of years in ancient Mexico.”… Read the rest

Brooklyn Feed

“I’m a photographer living in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, daughter and 3 chickens. I’m learning as I go about gardening, composting and raising chickens for eggs in an urban environment. Living a more sustainable life in an environment where it is easy to be out-of-touch with nature is a challenge we are undertaking as a family.”… Read the rest


“Winner of the EPA’s 2010 Environmental Quality Award, GrowNYC is a hands-on non-profit which improves New York City’s quality of life through environmental programs that transform communities block by block and empower all New Yorkers to secure a clean and healthy environment for future generations.

For 40 years, GrowNYC (formerly Council on the Environment of NYC) has been rolling up its sleeves alongside NYC residents to:

* Provide access to healthy, fresh, local food for all New Yorkers
* Grow and maintain vibrant green spaces and community gardens.
* Help New Yorkers recycle more and reduce waste.
* Create the next generation of environmental leaders through hands-on education programs.”

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Strange Signs From Abroad

From NYTimes:

A recent slide show, “A Sampling of Chinglish,” which accompanied a story by Andrew Jacobs, showed signs in Chinese paired with unusual and often funny English translations. We asked readers to share photos of amusingly translated or otherwise quirky signs that they’ve found during their travels. Click an image to enlarge it, and scroll to browse through the collection.

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Basis™ is a mission-driven company based in New York City committed to good food for all. We are passionate about good food that is traditional, localized, and 100% traceable. We partner with producers and local communities to sell good food at affordable prices.

Basis Farm to Chef™: We are committed to helping family farms find a market for all the good food they produce. We provide delivery, storage, and marketing services for family farms interested in selling their products directly to wholesale customers, including the 20,000+ restaurants and good food retailers in New York City.

Basis Good Food to You™: Our new delivery service brings 100 percent traceable food from family farms directly to your home or office, at prices that are often lower than commodity … Read the rest