Believe it or not, these are IKEA shelves

This IKEA hack will awaken the math nerd in you. Japanese artist and architect Takayoshi Kitagawa has created parabolic shelves out of simple, modular IKEA shelving to decorate his childhood home. SEE ALSO: Ikea is now selling a bicycle — and it looks just as pretty as their furniture He wanted to find a way to categorise his father’s vast array of collected items, he says in a blog post. Image: Takayoshi KitagawaKitagawa got the idea to create parabolic shelving units off IKEA’s customisable KALLAX shelves, after draping duct tape from the ceiling, which drooped down in a U-shaped arc. Image: Takayoshi Kitagawa Read more…More about Architecture, Ikea, Lifestyle, and Dev Design
Believe it or not, these are IKEA shelves

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The Crypt of Civilization

Under the foundation of Phoebe Hearst Memorial Hall at Oglethorpe University in Georgia, the United States, is a large room, that was sealed shut with a welded stainless steel door more than seventy five years ago. A plaque on this door strictly forbids anyone from attempting to open the door for another six thousand years.

Behind this steel door is an assortment of artifacts and documents comprising nearly all of humanity's knowledge, as it was in 1940. This room is the Crypt of Civilization, and it represents the first successful attempt to record and preserve a snapshot of human culture and civilization for future inhabitants of planet Earth. It was the world’s first time capsule.


Contents of the Crypt of Civilization. Photo credit:  Oglethorpe University

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The Dot braille smartwatch is finally getting shipped out to patient buyers

SEOUL — Next month, the Dot smartwatch will finally hit shelves, offering a sleek timepiece for the blind. The watch is coming to the market after nearly three years of repeated stops and starts. SEE ALSO: Smart glasses are digital eyes for the legally blind Unlike most assistive smartwatches for the blind which rely on audio prompts, the Dot displays messages four braille characters at a time on its screen. Its round face displays four cells of six balls each, and allows users to send simple replies or actions back through its two side buttons.  Image: DOT Dot, the eponymous South Korean startup behind the watch, has been developing the product since 2014, but hit delays in sorting out the display’s durability, as the tiny moving … Read the rest

What do we know about the effects of medical marijuana?

Enlarge (credit: California Medical Cannabis Initiative) BOSTON—Stacy Gruber of Harvard Medical School laid out the numbers: 28 states and the District of Columbia have medical marijuana laws, 17 others allow some cannabis-based products, and eight states now allow recreational use. The US has turned into a grand experiment on the medicinal use of pot, even as the federal government’s classification of the drug makes it extremely difficult to do good research on it. But that doesn’t mean research isn’t getting done. Gruber and two other researchers described what they’re learning about medicinal marijuana at the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. “This is the direction we’re headed,” Gruber said, “and it’s good to be prepared.” Canadian vigilance Mark Ware of McGill University … Read the rest

5 Languages That Could Change the Way You See the World – Facts So Romantic

I went to my neighbor’s house for something to eat yesterday.Think about this sentence. It’s pretty simple—English speakers would know precisely what it means. But what does it actually tell you—or, more to the point, what does it not tell you? It doesn’t specify facts like the subject’s gender or the neighbor’s, or what direction the speaker traveled, or the nature of the neighbors’ relationship, or whether the food was just a cookie or a complex curry. English doesn’t require speakers to give any of that information, but if the sentence were in French, say, the gender of every person involved would be specified.The way that different languages convey information has fascinated linguists, anthropologists, and psychologists for decades. In the 1940s, a chemical engineer called Benjamin … Read the rest

The long wait to send a probe to Pluto, and what we’ve found

(credit: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI) BOSTON—Alan Stern, principal investigator of the New Horizons mission to Pluto, started his talk at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting by showing off the Hubble Space Telescope’s best image of Pluto. It was greeted by laughter, as it took only seconds for the audience to count the dozen pixels that contained actual data. “You may laugh again,” Stern said. “We wrote numerous papers based on this image.” He’s now got a lot more data to work with, though he had to be very patient to get it. Not only did it take months to get all the data from New Horizons back to Earth, but it took decades to get the probe approved in the first place. Stern shared that … Read the rest

Studies show testosterone offers little benefits to ageing men

(credit: AbbVie) In decades of research, scientists have found only one medical condition that’s clearly and effectively treated with testosterone supplements: pathological hypogonadism—that’s low testosterone levels due to disease of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, or testes. But that hasn’t stopped drug makers and the supplement industry from convincing men that jacking their testosterone will stave off the effects of aging. Getting old naturally lowers testosterone in the body. In efforts to combat “Low T,” testosterone sales sprung 10-fold in the US between 2000 and 2011. In light of that trend, researchers are trying to get a handle on the health benefits of that beefed-up hormone consumption. So far, it looks wimpy. Read 8 remaining paragraphs | Comments
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