Selling Killer-Clam Shells at the World’s Largest Gem Show

It’s my second day at the Tucson Gem Show and I’m standing in front of the Expo Center, examining the fossilized shell of the world’s largest giant killer clam. It’s gray-white and smooth, with a lip that’s curvy and meandering, like a piecrust with a crimped edge.“Should I sit in the shell?” Volker Bassen asks. He is the shell’s owner, a tall Swedish man who does not, at first glance, appear as if he would fit inside a clam shell. He crawls under the protective rail that cordons off the exhibit from passersby, and gently lowers himself into the carapace.“It’s very strong material,” he says, grinning.For two weeks every winter, nearly 60,000 people descend upon Tucson for the world’s largest gem and mineral show. More than … Read the rest

40 years of data show immigration decreases or stabilises crime rates

Enlarge (credit: Alex M. Hayward) According to the White House Office of the Press Secretary, a recent Executive Order on Border Security and Immigration Enforcement was intended to address the issue of “significant increase in violent crime” due to immigration driven by “transnational criminal organizations.” These claims directly contradict the results of academic work on immigration and crime, and a recent study published in the Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice reinforces that. It shows that immigration is not linked to increases in crime—in fact, this study suggests it’s linked to reductions in certain types of crimes. This study builds on previous findings on arrests and criminal offenses. That previous data showed that foreign-born residents of the US were less likely to commit crimes than native-born … Read the rest

This blooming solar system harvests energy from the sun like a flower

‘Smartflower’ claims to be the world’s first “intelligent energy plant.” It’s a solar system that unfolds its giant solar panel petals in the morning and follows the sun throughout the day. It closes up at night or during heavy weather conditions.  Its mobility makes it more efficient than traditional roof solar panel systems, while its design makes it aesthetically appealing and discrete.  Read more…More about Climate, Electricity, Energy, Green Energy, and Green
This blooming solar system harvests energy from the sun like a flower

Source: Mashable – Design

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What Can You Do With the World’s Largest Family Tree?

Your family tree might contain a few curious revelations. It might alert you to the existence of long-lost third cousins. It might tell you your 10-times-great-grandfather once bought a chunk of Brooklyn. It might reveal that you have royal blood. But when family trees includes millions of people—maybe even tens of millions of people—then we’re beyond the realm of individual stories.When genealogies get so big, they’re not just the story of a family anymore; they contain the stories of whole countries and, at the risk of sounding grandiose, even all of humanity.Last week, scientists using data from and each unveiled papers analyzing the genealogies for patterns like migrations, lifespan, and when people stopped marrying family members. sells both subscriptions to its genealogy research … Read the rest