Roads made from recycled plastic are paving the way to a greener tomorrow

Roads laid with asphalt are so 20th century. They’re unsustainable, brittle and they contribute over 1.6 million tons of carbon dioxide around the world each year.  Construction company, VolkerWessels, is using recycled plastic bottles to pave the roads. Lightweight and easily installed, the roads are built to last three times longer.  Read more…More about Real Time Video, Recycled Materials, Recycled Plastic, Volker Wessels, and Plastic Roads
Roads made from recycled plastic are paving the way to a greener tomorrow

Source: Mashable – Design

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Australian Settlers Used Magic Signs to Keep Evil Away

Australians weren’t supposed to have used magic. The first British settlement on the continent was founded in 1788, at a time when superstitious practices and beliefs were thought to be dying out, replaced by rational, enlightenment thought. But, in the present day, after Ian Evans saw his first apotropaic marks—ritual signs meant to avert evil—in England, he started looking for them in Australia, too. “On a casual sort of visit,” he says, he found one in the stables of Shene, a historic estate about 30 minutes of Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. “Wow,” he thought, “they’re here, too.” Evans is aiming to more thoroughly document apotropaic marks, through a new Tasmanian Magic Project. Though they were once commonly used, these symbols have never been systematically recorded, … Read the rest

New York’s Biggest Food Waste Chef Is Bringing Pulp Burgers to London

The amount of food the world wastes is staggering. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, a third of all food produced gets wasted somewhere within the food system. This ranges from “ugly” veg left to rot in the fields to offcuts lost in processing, fruit chucked by supermarkets, and leftovers left that fester at the back of our fridges. But what if the solution to our global food waste problem could be found on the roof of a London department store? Well, that’s exactly what wastED, a pop-up food waste restaurant that launches tomorrow at Selfridges on Oxford Street, hopes to do. But as I make my way through groups of tourists milling around beauty counters and up the escalators to … Read the rest

Half of Britain’s Curry Houses Will Be Gone within 10 Years

In a recent Guardian long read, journalist Bee Wilson spoke to British Bangladeshi chefs, Indian cookery school teachers, and food writers about the future of the British curry house: that late-night, luridly wallpapered, vindaloo-slinging staple of the British high street. Wilson’s prognosis on the curry house wasn’t good. “The curry house’s once unassailable place in British life looks precarious,” she wrote. “Thousands of Indian restaurants are critically short of both staff to cook the food and customers to eat it […] This is a crisis with many causes, the effects of which extend far beyond curry.” And now, it seems this curry crisis has been confirmed. In a statement released yesterday, Yawar Khan, chairman of the Asian Catering Federation (ACF), said that half of Britain’s curry … Read the rest