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New Cocktail Recipe: The Baltimore

In a normal February, cocktail hour would mean gathering the ingredients for an old fashioned or manhattan, or reaching for a porter or stout. But with the weather as warm as it is, I wanted something more refreshing.

And for beverages,
more acidic = refreshing
– it is the citric acid in lemon and lime juice that make a moscow mule or mojito crisp and satisfying, and the pickle juice in a dirty martini that make you smack your lips.

But it didn’t feel right making a summer drink in the middle of winter, so the question became, how can I make a slightly tart (thus refreshing) beverage without resorting to typical citric-centric recipes?.

I thought back to my recent fascination with switchel and came … Read the rest

Vinegar Lemonade, Switchel, and Posca

It began with me trying to make a whiskey sour, but having no lemon juice. Normally, I would have mixed equal parts lemon (or better, lime) juice and regular sugar until the sugar dissolved, essentially making concentrated lemonade, a.k.a sour mix. Then I would have mixed equal parts of that with tap water, and finally mixed equal parts of that with whiskey and a splash of almond syrup. In other words:

1 part lemon juice
1 part sugar
2 parts water
4 parts whiskey
(optional) splash almond syrup

But, without lemon juice, there was no lemonade. As I poked around the kitchen I saw various half-empty bottles of vinegar – balsamic, red wine, rice, cider, and white. It crossed my mind that I could swap out … Read the rest

Black Tea Port Milk Punch

“adapted from Ruby Punch, a recipe that cocktail historian David Wondrich found in Jerry Thomas’s Bar-Tenders Guide from 1862… features a seriously tasty combination of black tea, ruby port, lemon, and a funky rum-esque liquor called Batavia Arrack. In its original form the tannins from the black tea and port provide grip and add texture, not to mention deep, inky color. After clarifying with milk the result is full bodied, but silky smooth with a rosé-like color and fruitiness.”

http://www.cooksscience.com/recipes/9401-black-tea-port-milk-punch/Read the rest

The Key to Crystal-Clear Cocktails? Milk. (Really.)

After a 150-year absence, milk punch is back. Newly popular with the mixology set, this drink is more a technique than a particular recipe, much as punch is a format rather than a formula. Today’s bartenders are not only experimenting with the range of ingredients that go into the cocktail, they are also experimenting with the technique itself. To understand more about the drink, how it’s changing, and how to create a great recipe for the home bartender, we hit the bar scene—and spoke with as many professional milk-punch makers as we could. There are two kinds of milk punch. The first, typically called brandy milk punch or bourbon milk punch, is popular in New Orleans, is citrus-free, and includes milk. The second type, often … Read the rest