The endurance cyclist racing 20 hours a day in the wilderness

Lee Craigie has just scratched out of the Tour Divide, a 2,745-mile mountain bike race that starts in Canada and finishes at the Mexican border.

It requires covering around 20 hours and 140 miles a day with everything you need to eat or sleep strapped to the bike.

But one week into that challenge, Lee’s body began to swell up. “I noticed I was getting shorter and shorter of breath but I was like, ‘Come on, Lee. You’re just tired, push through it.’”

By the time she reached Wyoming, however, her lips were turning blue, her face grey. It was an inexplicable allergic reaction.

Determined not to let a year of preparation go to waste, she hitched a ride to the nearest hospital, took a rigorous … Read the rest

Martin Parr’s visual ode to Scotland

Martin Parr has been taking pictures of Scotland for over 25 years now. As a result, the much-loved photographer has built an incredible body of work; capturing surreal scenes from all throughout the country.

Now, for the first time, these previously unpublished images are being shared in a new book. The publication, titled Think Of Scotland, aims to offer a new perspective on Scottish life, with Parr looking back affectionately at his travels through Glasgow, Orkney and Edinburgh.

Like much of Parr’s work, the book adds a twist to the country’s classic visual iconography – such as highland games and stunning landscapes – with the photographer reframing each image in a dry, dreamlike way. “I just explore people and things in society, not just in … Read the rest

The grit and glamour of cinematic Los Angeles

Julian Caldwell had a pretty fixed idea of what to expect from the city of his dreams: Cadillacs, palm trees and picture-perfect sunsets.

The 19-year-old British photographer saved enough money to spend a week there on a solo visit: half of that time changing bed sheets in youth hostels, half of it hitting the streets with a camera in hand.

“It’s a place almost everyone feels familiar with on some level, from memories of films growing up or the music they listen to now,” he says.

“You quickly get the sense, however, that locals have to deal with this constant stream of visitors all searching for the stereotypical signifiers of the city, skimming over anything that doesn’t sit within their preconceived version.”

Those things were hard … Read the rest