Clever backyard water tank looks like a giant raindrop


Home rain catching is a pretty slick affair these days, no longer relegated to the realms of industrial water towers.

This new Dutch design is the newest backyard version of a trusty ol’ water tank, a water-saving device dubbed the Raindrop.

The Raindrop is essentially an enhanced rain barrel, designed by Dutch designer Bas van de Veer as a graduation project in 2009 and produced by Dutch pottery company Elho in 2011. It’s now received a redesign— new colours, new finishes and more compatibility with drain connections — unveiled during the Spoga Gafa trade fair in Cologne in Sept. 2017. Read more…

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This super strong artificial muscle may bring us closer to lifelike robots


Researchers at Columbia University have created an artificial active tissue that, when 3D printed to imitate a muscle, can withstand great strain and lift 1,000 times its own weight.

The breakthrough could lead to a future where strong humanoid robots become commonplace, but scientists must first configure these muscles to be controlled through AI. Read more…

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Steve Jobs would have given iOS 11’s design an ‘F’


Apple’s newest mobile operating system, iOS 11, comes out today, and Steve Jobs probably would’ve been super pissed if he were still alive.

HackerNoon’s Ryan Lau has posted a comprehensive breakdown that calls attention to all the ways iOS 11’s design is flawed. From misaligned titles and margins to inconsistent design elements, it would appear Apple’s slipped up on the details.

For almost everybody (including myself), you probably wouldn’t notice the tiny things Lau highlights in his story.

He points out things like how the titles aren’t perfectly aligned with the search bar in apps like Mail and Notes, and how the Watch app’s dark color scheme isn’t … Read the rest

How Apple’s iPhone X is using the old ‘happy Mac’ icon to make Face ID less creepy


Following Apple’s big day on Tuesday, some people seem to be pretty damn skeptical about the iPhone X and its next-level intrusive biometric Face ID system. 

From concerns about the police being able to arrest you and simply point the smartphone at your face to get your data, to the notion that thieves might use brutal measures to get you to point your face at the device’s True Depth Camera system, some people are worried. 

But despite Apple’s wistfully optimistic presentation, there’s strong evidence that the company knows exactly how creepy this all looks. That awareness is best embodied in the return of the warm and fuzzy icon of Apple’s past known as the “happy Mac,” which now appears, in a slightly modified form, in … Read the rest

Sustainable company is turning cigarette butts and smartphones into furniture


Upcycling trash into treasure isn’t a new concept, with backpacks made from old cars, coffee cups made from coffee, and craft beer made from recycled human pee all in production right now.  

But there’s a new company looking to our most prevalent modern trash types, from cigarette butts to smartphones, to create some pretty slick homewares.

New upcycled design startup Pentatonic is the brainchild of CEOs and partners Jamie Hall and Johann Boedecker. Their main mission? “To lead the world into the circular economy.” 

Image: pentatonic Read more…

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