The Moving Gear Inlay in This Coffee Table Is Mesmerizing

After seeing the gear-filled Executive desk by Dale Mathis during a trip to Las Vegas, Thomas Lerchenfeld was inspired to build a coffee table version. His table design (seen here on imgur) was inspired by, and is very close in design to, the one seen in the video below by […]

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Watch the Tiny Moving Scenes in This Shark Submarine Sculpture

Fine artist and self-described master hoarder Nemo Gould conjures up fantastic sculptures made entirely of found objects. Rich wood and gleaming chrome catch the eye as they cycle through their kinetic loops, while tentacles and antennae extend in a playful fashion like a sci-fi comic book come to life. The […]

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The post Watch the Tiny Moving Scenes in This Shark Submarine Sculpture appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.… Read the rest

This Little Silver Cube Could Be the Future of Personal DNA Testing


“Paul Lem and the Spartan Cube. Image: Alexander CollierIf Apple made a personal DNA testing product, it might look something like the Spartan Cube: A minimalist, anodized aluminum box, about the size of a large coffee mug, and roughly as heavy as a small laptop. Aside from the logo of Spartan Bioscience, the Canadian company behind it, there’s nothing much that tells you what it can do. But this unassuming device holds within it a bona fide revolution—at least, according to the medical doctor behind its design. Or, if you’re a cynic, it’s a Pandora’s box.I recently drove out to the Ottawa suburbs to pay a visit to the offices of Paul Lem, founder and CEO of Spartan Bioscience, and his team of … Read the rest

Infused ethanol

I’ve made beer about ten times. Only one of the batches was what I would call good. And unlike years ago, there is so much good craft beer available now, it’s no longer practical for me to homebrew. Besides, I don’t need the calories.

I made wine once (once on purpose, a few times by accident) and it wasn’t good. Not bad, but not good.

The next step is to home distill, which I’ve done successfully once. The contraption was quite a sight, as well as a quite a fire hazard. After weeks of prep and hours of work, I got about an ounce of rather harsh, but genuine moonshine.

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Futility Closet

I don’t know why I originally bookmarked this site, but I found it amusing and interesting and I liked the name:

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Sustainable Electrochemical Energy

If the goal is sustainable energy, where might we find it?

We all know about the possibilities and realities of solar, wind, and to a lesser extent tidal and geothermal power, but I thought there might be another untapped and under-researched area: junk yards.

Note: all images have been lost in the ether

Millions of tons of purified metals are discarded each year* in landfills, in the form of construction refuse and personal and industrial appliances.

These metals were expensive to mine and purify, and represent wealth to some degree, except for the fact that they are scattered about.

But in some developing countries, where scavenging objects is part of daily life for some people, and electrical energy is often in short supply, electrochemical energy from … Read the rest