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Pugh Farms Poultry

We are Pugh Farms Poultry, and we run our own poultry CSA. We offer chicken, duck, and turkey. We raise everything here in the Hudson Valley on locally milled grain. Our birds are on pasture as soon as they’re able to tolerate the weather. Birds raised in the spring, summer and fall, spend their entire lives thereafter on pasture. The winter birds are in the barn when there’s snow on the ground or freezing temperatures. We don’t treat our birds or land with any herbicides, pesticides, hormones or antibiotics.

Our poultry products are available for CSA pick-up or purchase at farmers markets in Suffern, Haverstraw, West Point, and Rye Brook. The Suffern and Rye Brook markets are year round, and we attend each market once a … Read the rest

High View Farm

“Linda and Mike are the proud caretakers of High View Farm. Along with our four American Border Collies Maggie, Finn, Red Skye, and Katy, our horses Woody and Lucky, and our cat Whack, we keep everything running smoothly (most of the time)!

In addition to breeding American Border Collies and boarding horses, we raise sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, and goats.

We take pride in raising all our animals naturally, with care and plenty of room to graze.”

http://www.highview-farm.com/… Read the rest