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In 2065, a Military Satellite Becomes Self-Aware—and Wants to Become an Artist

While many artificial intelligence critics busy themselves getting terrified over the possibility of a Matrix-type scenario wherein AIs overthrow humanity for Earthly supremacy, others are exploring a more nuanced point of view. Consider London-based artist Lawrence Lek a member of the latter camp. In Geomancer, a 45-minute film designed with the ever-unbelievable Unreal Engine, Lek imagines AI as not only potentially benevolent, but artistic, and in many other ways, even human-like. Geomancer follows a young military AI satellite that becomes self-aware, then decides to descend to Earth and become an artist. Geomancer, the satellite, touches down at the Singapore 2065 Centennial, a future where the country has survived climate change floods. But the AI isn’t as unique as it thinks it is, since … Read the rest

See All the Seasons of Norway in Panoramic 8K Splendor

From temperate summers to sun-flecked autumn to the chilling bite of winter, Norway is a wealth of sense-provoking sensations throughout every season. The short video from Oslo-based production company, Turbin Film, was a time investment spread out over several months, 200,000 photographs snapped, and 20,000 miles traveled. The 8K timelapse was captured and edited by photographer Morten Rustad.

Each seasonal view picks up on a few of the captivating aspects of Norway’s least developed, yet most visually serene, locations. Clouded skies over landmasses, reflective waterways at sunset, and natural greenery all add to an artistic vision of Norway. Turbin Film is familiar with the inspiring terrain of Noway, having recently created a proportionately scenic video of skateboarders gliding and performing tricks across the Read the rest

Nothing Is What It Seems in This Oddly Satisfying Japanese Design Show

Japan‘s public broadcasting system, NKH, airs a show titled Design Ah!, a children’s education program that teaches out of the box thinking. Created in 2011, the Peabody Award-winning series broadcasts a series of whimsical and surreal clips that show lateral thinking for not just not just design but creativity in general. One of the segments on Design Ah! is It’s Different From What You Expected. Filmmaker Daihei Shibata, who worked on this segment, has recently been uploading a selection of clips from the years 2013 to 2015.

The look of It’s Different From What You Expected will be familiar to anyone who remembers PBS children’s programs, or even the BBC’s satirical Look Around You. It’s Different From What You ExpectedRead the rest

It’s Illegal to Be Perfect in This Perfectly Dystopian Short Film

Nobody’s perfect, yet many of us strive perfection, however unobtainable it may be. But what if we lived in a world that didn’t desire perfection, but punished it instead? That’s the concept behind this dystopian sci-fi short The Problemless Anonymous, by filmmaker Gary Roberts, co-written with his friend Samuel Barber.

It’s set in a world where to be perfect is illegal. Citizens are tested by the Ministry of Imperfection and if they get a positive result for perfection, they have to attend an imperfection clinic. Here they will be further tested so they can be given an adequate problem to adapt to the world around them. Failure to attend results in a prison sentence.

“It’s my friend and co-writer Samuel Barber’s concept,” Roberts … Read the rest

Meet the Artist Animating the Kaleidoscopic Beauty of Quantum Physics

When the electron was discovered in 1897, it rocked the world of physics. It was the first elementary particle of many to come and the gateway to those fundamental levels at which we operate and exist. It marked the dawn of the quantum world, and that pivotal moment provides the inspiration for artist Markos Kay‘s new short film Quantum Fluctuations: Experiments in Flux.

Using virtual particle simulations, Kay meticulously renders the patterns and structures of processes at the subatomic level into a kaleidoscope of visuals with an eerie, cinematic soundscape. “For this project in particular, I looked at how scientists observe what happens during a particle collision, which involves measuring the energy of particles on sensors and comparing the findings … Read the rest