A really neat interface. So simple, but so much you can do with it Free version: You can see more examples of what others have done on the Steam page, which has a paid version:

AI Dungeon

The OpenAI project has a new API, called GPT-3 that is in the news now because of its ability to mimic human-style communication. The funniest implementation is their choose-your-own adventure engine. Unlike other text-based adventures like Zork or those Infocom games, this one allows you to write in full sentences and is not limited to… Continue reading AI Dungeon

Laser League

Laser League Puzzlescript game by Tim Knauf Unravel the Fortress of Inscrutability Robber Baron has stolen the town jewels, but never fear! Mighty Bridget won’t be pushed around. She does the pushing! Teenaged Sophie is unsurpassed in laser-leaping skill! No cranny is too tiny for child prodigy Zelda! Evildoers are no match for THE LASER… Continue reading Laser League


Adventuron is a free web based text adventure authoring system. The Adventuron text adventure creation system allows anyone to build modern or retro-style text adventures – that can be played on modern devices such as desktop, tablet, and mobile phones. Games are compiled to a standalone HTML file that can be easily shared with friends,… Continue reading Adventuron

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