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Lake Kavicsos, Hungary

Kavicsos Lake, or “pebble lake” in Hungarian, is a scenic lake about 2 km across located south of Budapest, just a 30-minute ride away from the city center. The lake sits at the site of a former pebble quarry, and hence its name.

About twenty years ago, the quarry closed and the excavated pits filled with rainwater creating the lake. Since then nature has reclaimed the area and rich wildlife has taken root in and around the lake. In 1996, the lake was sold to a private organization but there are still some unspecified legal battles among the parties involved.


One of the numerous islands in Lake Kavicsos. Photo credit: Alexander H. Szabo / Aerial National Police

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Heineken Could Be Banned in Hungary for Use of Red Star in Logo

The resurgence of fascism has been much in the news recently as governments the world over slide ever rightward, but in Hungary—whose own far-right president faces reelection in 2018—parliamentarians think they have struck upon a solution that will eradicate the scourge of nationalist totalitarianism once and for all: changing the labels on Heineken beer.

For lawmakers in the ex-Soviet republic, Heineken’s red star logo is a bit too reminiscent of the “branding” of their one-time communist overlords. Now, Prime Minister Viktor Orban is hoping to censure the company, telling it to change its logo or face millions of dollars in fines.

The move is just the latest and most high-profile in a recent push to eradicate Soviet symbols from Hungarian life—symbols which, thanks to Hungary’s tragic … Read the rest