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The Adventures of Tony Pizzo, Who Rode Around the U.S. Handcuffed to His Bicycle

On October 30, 1919, Tony Pizzo arrived in New York City chained to his bicycle. He had pedaled 3,000 miles in five-and-a-half months, attached to his bike by a three-and-a-half-foot chain and handcuffs welded shut around his wrists. These restraints had been sealed in Los Angeles the previous spring by Fatty Arbuckle, who had wagered that no man could ride a single-speed bicycle across the country, and offered to pay $3,500 (around $50,000 in 2017) to anyone who could—as long as they arrived in New York City before November 1.

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BWA for BLM Offers Space for Dialogue Between Black Female Artists in NY, LA, Houston, and London

A three-month long show offers a space for dialogue between black female artists and curators between New York, LA, Houston, and London. The collective Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter (BWA for BLM, for short) was formed in July of last year out of solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement and the seemingly endless number of unarmed black men killed by police. In such a short period of time, the group has become impressively established in the art world, and now presents in all seven rooms of Project Row Houses in Houston. 

Their first appearance together at The New Museum followed a call by artist Simone Leigh during The Waiting Room, her show that, separately, looked at the notion of medicine in African Read the rest

Stop What You’re Doing and Let This Little Clay Person Overwhelm You with Feelings

No one on the internet is sure how to react to Hi Stranger, a scary-soothing short film by Kirsten Lepore that somehow blends nudity, innocence, ASMRleeriness, and positive affirmation into a single hairless, genderless, polymer clay fellow with no name. Throughout the film, the character, voiced by previous Lepore collaborator Garrett Davis, speaks lovingly and intimately directly into the camera. If you imagine the stranger as a friend, confidant, or lover, it comes off as soothing, but otherwise can feel intrusive and assuming—an ambiguity the LA-based CalArts alum seems to delight in.

Hi Stranger was produced for an anthology of work by animation collective Late Night Working Club, on the theme of “Strangers.” It recently premiered to the … Read the rest

This LA Sommelier Wants to Demystify the World of Sake

Although Los Angeles has a thriving Japanese food scene, something was missing in the market for chef Charles Namba and sommelier Courtney Kaplan.

“We felt like when we came from New York to LA, there was great Japanese food and a strong community but not a lot of izakaya food,” Kaplan said. “There were a lot of places to get really great sushi and really great ramen, but a lot of the izakayas are either really far away in Torrance or Gardena, or they’re in Little Tokyo and not really reflecting on what’s happening in Japan right now.”

So the couple opened Tsubaki, a modern izakaya in Echo Park with a menu of seasonally driven Japanese tavern food, and an even bigger menu of small-production … Read the rest