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Paola Revenioti is standing in the middle of London’s George and Dragon pub in tears. Paola is a trans prostitute and activist who first went into the streets of Athens in the 1980s. She used earnings from her nighttime business transactions to fund the pioneering trans-anarchist fanzine Kraximo (Greek for ‘gaybashing’) and the very first gay pride events in Athens in the early ’90s. No-one has done more to promote LGBT culture in Greece, but her contributions went largely unrecognised – even in her home country – for decades. Seeing her work appreciated here and being taken seriously as both an artist and activist by an international audience, she’s overcome with emotion.

Moments like these are exactly what filmmaker Konstantinos Menelaou had in mind when he … Read the rest

Does Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron really hate gays?

When the Liberal Democrats last week launched their general election campaign, no doubt they had high hopes and expectations. Despite having just nine seats in the British Parliament since their poor show at the 2015 general election, it seemed that for the Lib Dems the tide might finally be turning.

As the only one of the main parties to be demanding Britain’s impending exit from the European Union be halted, their hope is to appeal to swathes of the remain-voting 48%. It’s a fairly sizeable chunk of the population.

But it seems that for Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, gay sex just keeps getting in the way.

He’s been asked countless times now whether as a deeply religious Christian he thinks gay sex is a sin, … Read the rest