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So much information on pizza delivery. Stories, trivia, advice…

Did you know:
“Pizza delivery is considered a hazardous job by the US government. They are third most likely to be murdered on the job, right after police officer and taxi driver.”
The stat is not cited, but I believe it.… Read the rest


Despite all the modern conveniences (and increasingly often because of them) of life and work there are many times when we have to waste time because of an inefficient system. One example is scheduling a meeting with multiple people. With two people it’s pretty easy to figure out the intersect of schedules to see when both parties are free. With three people there may be a little back-and-forth, but it usually works out. Once you get to five people, it can be difficult or impossible. Doodle takes care of that. It’s good.

Doodle is one of those sites that I kick myself for not having thought of. The back-end must be pretty straightforward. I can imagine re-creating the basic functionality in PHP or ColdFusion in an … Read the rest

JavaScript hyphens

I don’t normally broadcast this kind of thing but it was one of those situations where I had been gesturing rudely at the computer screen for hours on end before finally having the revelation: when validating a web form with JavaScript, it will fail if you have hyphens in the form names.

I’ve been doing this kind of thing for over ten years and I don’t recall this ever coming up before.

Normally, when you validate a form, if the code detects a problem (e.g. an empty field that is required, or an email address that’s not a real address) it aborts the submission of the form, thus saving time both for the user and the server. But the form I was working with defied … Read the rest

Cornell University Division of Biological Sciences

In 1994, my first job out of college was creating educational videos for the Division of Biological Sciences at Cornell University. It was toward the end of the year when I was talking to my boss about this thing called The Web because it seemed that a number of other academic departments had web sites (that is why the Web was developed in the first place, after all). I suggested that we should have one, too.

He said, “Good idea. Do it.”

I didn’t know anything about what to do, but there was literally a pile of Sparc Alpha workstations in one closet and I took one to be the server.

The IT guy set up the domain. We were already under “” and he … Read the rest

PC Magazine

My first job in New York City was as ‘Content Editor’ at PC Magazine in 1997. That meant I hand-coded all their articles, sometimes up to 200/day. The idea of a dynamic, database-driven site was still new and there were no good solutions at the time. The best was to use Microsoft Word’s mail-merge function, placing all the content in an Excel file and opening the HTML template in Word, then merging them together to generate the static pages.

When I was there, Bill Ziff still owned Ziff-Davis and ran the show. It was a privately-held company in a boom time and things were good. Once each year the entire staff (150 or so people) would be sent to a tropical island (a different one each … Read the rest

Web Hosts


Johnny B told me about

which lists what seem to be some of the best hosts out there.

Lunarpages offers 400GB per month of bandwidth for $8/month.

I just signed on with them to host the Obion games since they’ve gotten so popular (100,000 players within three weeks)

I’ve tried a number of web hosting services in the past 9 years and have two to recommend. A number of people have suggested dreamhost to me, but I’ve heard just as many complaints about them.

It seems the three key aspects of having a service are:

  • uptime (amount of time that the server is running, 99.9% of the time is ideal)
  • price
  • support

Regarding these three, I recommend pair and lamphost.

Their prices … Read the rest

Site Defaced by Badboy

This is kind of neat. This site got hacked by someone named ‘Badboy’. If this were a commercial site, I might be more concerned, but as it is it turned into an interesting exercise.

The site wasn’t really comprimised, just the front page was altered. I suppose a good hacker could have done much worse, so it looks like Badboy is more of a ‘white hat’ than a ‘black hat’ – which is to say I imagine that he’s just pointing out a lack of security in order to encourage me to hire him to tighten it up.

I would have contacted him but he didn’t leave his email address. I followed the link to his web site, but it was all in Spanish or Portuguese … Read the rest

Referrer (not Referer) Report

In looking at stats for this site, I can see where visitors came from, and if they came from a search engine, what search terms they used. Here’s the batch from today:

Note the 13th entry. I can’t tell if they were researching this in a ‘dyi’ kind of way, or just idle curiosity (The most dangerous kind!).
13: flash animation cartoons
3: matt slaybaugh
2: circuit diagram for led night rider affect
2: cattlecar
1: mechanical automata
1: rhinos crows poster collective nouns
1: centipede physical and behavioral adaptations
1: 56j co brown
1: flash animation ant
1: bx 24 kit sale
1: capacitor 56j co
1: football metaphors
1: dumping bodies off of brooklyn bridge
1: virtual ant farm
1: nitinol project
1: dimitri … Read the rest