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Mom Accidentally Puts Bag of Booze Slushie in Child’s Lunchbox

Is it a Capri Sun or a brightly colored cocktail?

This is a question that one Australian mom failed to ask when she sent her five-year-old daughter to school with a Smirnoff Frozen Pouch tucked neatly into her lunchbox. You see, in Australia and much of the English-speaking world, Smirnoff offers a pouch of fruit-flavored vodka that looks pretty much exactly like a juice pouch. Except it contains the good stuff.

Smirnoff calls its frozen pouches “delicious new drinking sensation[s] from the number 1 spirits brand in the world. Enjoy refreshing fruit flavors combined with the smooth taste of Smirnoff Vodka straight from your freezer.” And one little girl in Australia almost did.

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Kay LC – Kay’s Lunch Center

We finally went to Kay LC for lunch on a rainy Christmas Eve. It’s close by and we’ve walked past it many times without going in. The menu is what would be considered traditional Hawaiian food, a cross between American diner and east Asian fast food. So you can get pancakes and veggie omelet, or Chinese 5-spice pork belly and fried ahi, or tonkatsu bento box and sushi. It’s greasy, and that’s part of the point. It’s “hangover food” as T-bone says, although you don’t have to be hungover to enjoy it. Three of us ate there (and were full for many hours after) for $23

684 Kilauea Ave, Hilo, HI.
(808) 969-1776

Facebook page

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