Doctor Who Theme

One of the most memorable TV theme melodies. The ‘B’ section in particular has a quality that is very sweet and very British-sounding.

“The Doctor Who theme music is a piece of music written by Australian composer Ron Grainer and realised by Delia Derbyshire at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Created in 1963, it was one of the first electronic music signature tunes for television.”

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Video explaining how it was made (years before synthesizers had been invented!)
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Ableton Learning Music

This free (no ads or registration, either) music tutorial is slick, thorough, and useful.

It is not at all how I learned music, with acoustic instruments and scribbled notes on backs of envelopes, but is a good window into how the younger generation is learning.

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You Can Make Pretty Much Anything an Instrument Using This DIY Robotics Kit

There’s a long tradition of robotic music production, from player pianos and glitchy electronic music of Felix’s Machines to the steam-driven “power trio” Z-Machines. Much of the electro-mechanical process, however, remains quite esoteric to most. With dadamachines, a DIY robot music toolkit, Berlin-based creative technologist Johannes Lohbihler wants to make this type of musical creation accessible to just about everyone. A plug-and-play MIDI-controller and accessories kit, which Lohbihler is now crowdfunding, dadamachines allows users to build live automatic shows as well as musical setups for recording.

Lohbihler tells Creators that his passion for building music robots grew out of an interest in combining interaction design with tangible interfaces, specifically for music. For him, dadamachines—which the band joasihno recently took on tour—is a way of … Read the rest

Inside the Manchester Restaurant That Serves Drake’s Favorite Butter Chicken

Drake and Zouk go way back. The Canadian rapper first ate at the Manchester restaurant in 2012 as a guest of troublesome Manchester City footballer Mario Balotelli. Balotelli himself was already a fan. A few months earlier, he broke his club’s curfew by staying out at Zouk til 1 AM, receiving an estimated fine of £150,000.

During his 2014 UK tour, Drake came back for more, this time bringing then-girlfriend Rihanna for a romantic meal. Then after his gig in Leeds earlier this year, Drake and his entourage snubbed the Yorkshire city’s local restaurants, choosing to travel across the Pennines en masse for yet another meal at Manchester’s Zouk.

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A Sensitive Animated Music Video Tells Women in Abusive Relationships They’re Not Alone

The feeling that things have gone off the rails and cutting off airflow contributes to the concept behind an animated music video that follows the life of a domestic abuse victim. The short film is a music video for the song “Grow” by Frances. With silky colorations and slow panning shots, the piece draws upon the loss of identity and bleak helplessness that can come from suffering mental and emotional abuse from someone you care about and from an individual you had believed cared about you.

Day in and day out, the behind-closed-door influences of the protagonist’s life seem to overtake her presence, smudging her out into an inconsequential state. She waits at the bus stop, goes to the market completely unseen under the gaze … Read the rest

This Steampunk Remote Controls the Radio with Style

When you pick up the remote control to your stereo, are you pleased with how it looks? Most of us don’t put much thought into it, because they’re typically so bland that they’re nearly invisible. Michael Greensmith (@Bricabracwizard) wanted to take a different approach. “I wanted a remote control that’s so […]

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Musical Notation: “The Greatest Invention of One Thousand Years Ago”


A brief history on the development of musical notation.

“As with all inventions, the invention of the musical staff came in stages. There were ever better attempts at writing music from the 6th to the 9th century. Then there was a breakthrough. The early 11th century Benedictine monk Guido d’Arezzo (born 991/992 and died too young in 1033) invented a written system of notes and staffs, and also the organization of scales that allowed for teaching and writing music. Without his contribution, the streaming music you hear on your smartphone and YouTube would not likely exist.” the rest