Aloha Dispatch Day 8

The ohana culture here is very different from what I’m used to. In New York, if you’re not at least a little pushy, people walk all over you. Here, it’s like everyone gets the family discount.
It’s as though everyone is related, maybe distantly, but still family – so that when you see someone (anyone) in a store or on the street, you talk as though you’re restarting a conversation you had with them a week or so ago. Even if you’ve never seen them before.
It’s very comforting.

Bought a pair of overpriced orthopedic sandals today. It feels like an even bigger commitment than the plane tickets or signing the lease.

Already planning our anxiety when watching the election results tomorrow. I’m looking … Read the rest

Evolution Lucky 7 Porter

Evolution is one of the other craft breweries in Delaware. They have some decent beer, but my favorite is their porter. Cooler autumn weather always makes me want a nice porter or stout, just like I suddenly start craving heavy foods such as stews and mashed potatoes.

Some porters are indistinguishable from lighter ales or heavier stouts, or are overly heavy and malty or smoky. Lucky 7 is the right balance of all those qualities.… Read the rest

Back in Black

Had my first beer in 3 weeks last night. This one. ‘sgood.

Paul Revere is on the label. Revere is probably on more beer labels than any other character. He’s even the face on all Sam Adams beer.

Black IPA certainly seems like the next trend in craft brewing.

“Inspired by Paul Revere’s midnight ride, we rebelled against the British style IPA, embraced the more aggressive American version and then recast it in bold, brave, defiant black. Our Black IPA is a Declaration of Independence from the tyranny of the expected.

Back in Black is our newest year-round beer available now in six pack cans and on draft. Brewed like an American IPA but with the addition of rich, dark malts, this beer has all … Read the rest

Burton Baton

One of the good things (the one good thing?) about spending time in Delaware is that Dogfish Head is the local beer.

The greater Philadelphia area in general is great for craft beer, with lots of small brewers starting all the time, and established high-quality breweries such as Victory and Tröegs close by.

My new favorite beer is Dogfish’s Burton Baton a 10% abv oak-aged imperial IPA

From the site: “For Burton Baton we first brew two ‘threads’ or batches of beer: an English-style Old Ale and an Imperial IPA. After fementating the separate beers in our stainless tanks, the two are transferred and blended together in one of our large oak tanks. Burton Baton sits on the wood for about a month.”

As Mike says, … Read the rest

Yards Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale

Yards Brewing Company, based in Philadelphia, has an “Ales of the Revolution” series with beer recipes based on those used by George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson.

I tried the “Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale” which was good, Belgian-y but with a light body.

I’m curious to try the “Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce Ale” which uses molasses in place of barley malt and spruce in place of hops.… Read the rest

Beeriodic Table

beeriodic table

A user on reddit submitted a poster he created of “Periodic Table of Beer Styles” that displays 65 different styles of beer in a format similar to Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements.

In the beeriodic table, ales are on the left and lagers on the right, with lighter beers at the top. Instead of atomic weight, valence, etc. the table lists: Gravity (density), SRM (color), ABV (alcohol % by volume) and IBU (international bitterness units, essentially hoppiness)

I don’t know if I agree entirely with the layout, but it’s fun – and a handy way to visualize how similar or different any two styles are.… Read the rest

Magic Hat Howl

Magic Hat is one of my preferred breweries (others are Victory, Stone and of course, Dogfish Head) partly because they’re in one of my favorite small cities (Burlington, Vermont) but also because they experiment so much with different recipes.

Their new winter seasonal is called Howl and is a “black lager”. If you drink craft beer, you’ll know how rare lagers are, since it’s a lot easier for beginners to make ales. One exception is Victory’s Prima Pils, which is my favorite pilsner-style.

Howl is not very high in alcohol, but has a heavier taste than, for example, Guiness, but without the shapness that stouts can have.

It’s good.… Read the rest

My New Favorite Beer: New Belgium’s 1554 Enlightened Black Ale

I will never abandon Dogfish Head’s 90-minute, but super-hoppy ales can only take me so far, particularly in this intense summer heat I’m experiencing in Georgia. I still want a full-flavored beer, but not one as cloying as the high-ABV beers tend to be.

I’ve been enjoying porters and stouts more lately, but those can be too heavy as well
– meaning I feel physically full after one or two.

So here comes New Belgium (best-known for their Fat Tire) with something that is like a stout or porter but not as heavy – and similar to Guiness but much more flavor.

I have not heard of “Black Ale” as a distinction before. Saranac makes a Black Forest Ale that is somewhat similar (and also … Read the rest