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Underwater Mailboxes Around The World

Remember the last time you were diving underwater and suddenly remembered an important letter that you had to post that very instant? Yup, it has happened to all of us. Fortunately, these five places has us covered.

Hideaway Island, Vanuatu


The underwater post office off the coast of Hideaway Island in the island nation of Vanuatu is one of the most famous in the world. It was established in 2003 and is located in 3 meters of water. The post office provides special waterproof postcards that tourists can drop into the submerged post box with their own hands, or ask the staff to do so.

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See All the Seasons of Norway in Panoramic 8K Splendor

From temperate summers to sun-flecked autumn to the chilling bite of winter, Norway is a wealth of sense-provoking sensations throughout every season. The short video from Oslo-based production company, Turbin Film, was a time investment spread out over several months, 200,000 photographs snapped, and 20,000 miles traveled. The 8K timelapse was captured and edited by photographer Morten Rustad.

Each seasonal view picks up on a few of the captivating aspects of Norway’s least developed, yet most visually serene, locations. Clouded skies over landmasses, reflective waterways at sunset, and natural greenery all add to an artistic vision of Norway. Turbin Film is familiar with the inspiring terrain of Noway, having recently created a proportionately scenic video of skateboarders gliding and performing tricks across the Read the rest

Meet the Norwegian Kids Getting Paid Thousands to Cut Tongues Out of Fish

Trygve Pettersen proudly places his local newspaper in front of me. Trygve earns 1,000 krone an hour! it exclaims.

Pettersen is a bit of a legend in the small fishing village of Ballstad, Norway. He’s become famous for his deft hand in cutting out the tongues of the skrei, a type of Arctic cod. And he’s making serious cash from it, aged just 16 years old.

“I started doing the tongue-cutting aged seven,” he says. “My dad is a fisherman and one day he was delivering the fish and he was teaching me how to cut the tongues. That day I think I cut about two kilos and at the time I was like, ‘Wow, that’s so much!’ but now I can cut about 80 kilos. … Read the rest

Watch Skaters Thrash a Halfpipe Made of Sand on a Frozen Beach in Norway

Four Norwegian skateboarders ride alongside the crashing waves of the Lofoten Islands in Northbound in Norwegian, a skate film released last week by Turbin film. Karstein Kleppan, Henrik Lund, Hermann Stene and Didrick Galasso glide across the sandy coastlines of Northern Norway’s Nordland county as if they were coated in freshly paved cement. In just under 10 minutes, the skaters experiment using creative natural obstacles, testing their street dexterity amongst the harsh terrain of the Arctic Circle.

At the start of the film, a title card reads, “The skateboarding in this film is done on frozen sand and water only.” In our conversation with director last year, following the film’s Tribeca Film Festival appearance, Jørn Nyseth Ranum explained that he came … Read the rest