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Aloha Dispatch Month 2

The new year marks the end of our second month in Hilo, 1/3rd of the way through our adventure. Our building is currently under lockdown because a man, after shooting two police officers (in the legs) ran toward the building.

Reports of gun shots in Hilo, two officers shot

This is the second manhunt in Hilo in the past month. The first was when two men escaped from the local “correctional center”

There is a good ol’ boy / redneck-y feel to this place sometimes. I don’t fear for my own safety, but we’re never far from guys who like to get into trouble.

Christmas was a nice meal (all vegan, and quite tasty) with friends and about a dozen kids altogether. Met a … Read the rest

Infused ethanol

I’ve made beer about ten times. Only one of the batches was what I would call good. And unlike years ago, there is so much good craft beer available now, it’s no longer practical for me to homebrew. Besides, I don’t need the calories.

I made wine once (once on purpose, a few times by accident) and it wasn’t good. Not bad, but not good.

The next step is to home distill, which I’ve done successfully once. The contraption was quite a sight, as well as a quite a fire hazard. After weeks of prep and hours of work, I got about an ounce of rather harsh, but genuine moonshine.

Thinking of the cheapest and easiest way of doing some kind of DIY booze, I decided … Read the rest

Taughannock Falls

Visited Trumansburg, NY over the weekend for Michael’s 40th birthday. I remembered T-Burg fondly, music at the Rongo, stories of Robert Moog and his famous guests, etc. It was great to see the people there, well-traveled, educated, and interesting people who had chosen a more agrarian life in the Finger Lakes area.

The weather was pure crud, naturally, but the food was great. Although the roads were dangerously slippery, especially in a car that had never known a snow tire, I made a point of driving to Taughannock Falls (I spell-checked ‘Taughannock’ and the suggested replacement was ‘Laughingstock’, but googling the word showed I had spelled it correctly, to my surprise). The falls are higher than Niagara and when we got to the overlook there was … Read the rest