Geography Awareness Week

O Say, can you sea?

It’s Geography Awareness Week, which means we have some trivia for you to test your knowledge! Each pair of countries below (1–16) is separated by one of the bodies of water listed right below it

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How to Triumph and Cooperate in Game Theory and Evolution

At the heart of game theory, one of the foundations of modern economics, lies the foundational concept of “Nash equilibrium,” named after the late mathematician and Nobel laureate John Nash. Nash showed that for any competitive situation or “game,” there exists a set of strategies upon the use of which, players cannot further improve their winnings. His work continues to appear in important new research today, as described in Erica Klarreich’s recent article “In Game Theory, No Clear Path to Equilibrium” and Emily Singer’s 2015 article “Game Theory Calls Cooperation Into Question.” Anyone interested in gaining simple insights about the world — the very purpose of this column — will want to get acquainted with the fundamental principles of game … Read the rest

X-Ray Day


It’s X-Ray Day, a day to observe one of the most important medical discoveries in history. On this day in 1895, physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen viewed the very first X-Ray. Here’s a “Skeleton” you can observe!

Fill in the

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Classical Music Month

Classical Melodies

A surprising number of popular melodies are derived from classical compositions. How many of these songs (1-15) can you match to the original classical music on which they are based (a-o)?

1. “Be Still My Soul” (hymn)

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May 2017: Split Decisions

Split Decisions

by George Bredehorn

The only clues in this crossword are the letter pairs provided in the grid. Each answer across and down consists of two words, which share the letters to be entered in the empty squares. In

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April 2017: Pencil Pointers

Pencil Pointers

by Corey Kosak

In this crossword puzzle, the clues appear in the grid itself. Enter the answers in the direction of the pointers. In this crossword puzzle, the clues appear in the grid itself. Enter the answers in

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Valentine’s Special 2017: Sweet Eighteen

Sweet Eighteen

by Robert E. Nelson

A company located in Sweet Home, Oregon, has begun making candies. The outfit, known as Huey’s Gooey Chewies, makes six types of chocolate-covered nuts (peanut, pecan, cashew, hazelnut, walnut, and almond), six types of

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February 2017: Cryptolists


by Raymond Simon

Below are four lists of related words and phrases that have been translated into simple cipher alphabets. The letter substitutions remain constant within any one group of words (for instance, if V represents G in one

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January 2017: Family Reunions

Family Reunions

by Regis Modesta

Change each group of 10 words below into a “family” of different words (words or proper names that have something in common) by dropping one letter from each word and then rearranging the remaining letters.

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December 2016: Quote Boxes

Quote Boxes

by Jennifer Orehowsky

To solve Quote Boxes, drop the letters from each vertical column—not necessarily in the order in which they appear—into the empty squares below them to spell a quotation reading from left to right, line by

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October 2016: Camouflage


from the Games Library

Place each of the 26 letters of the alphabet once in the grid below to form a common word of five or more letters reading across in each line. Not all the letters in each

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