Johnny Reeve waited in line at the Dreamcaster Dream Resource Center.
Johnny was an average looking dream character, and his resume was typical of the others waiting in line: mostly crowd scenes, laughing at dreamers in their underwear at school. He had never had a big break, as Mystery Lover, or Helpful Stranger, (or, if he were really lucky, getting to play thedreamer himself in a third-person dream) and his hopes weren’t high this evening; the line was longer than he had ever seen it.
Standing behind Johnny was Wally, who had had some success earlier in his career playing dreamers’ friendy uncles.
Wally was reading the classified ads in the Dreamland Gazette.
He grunted and closed the paper, turning to Johnny.
“The Night Mare is … Read the rest

Awake on his Back, Part 1

Jim awoke on his back, looking up at the stars.
He blinked a few times before realizing how cold he was.
His clothes were damp, but he knew it hadn’t rained because the sky was clear.
The dampness must have been from dew settling on him, which meant he had lain there for a few hours at least.
He stood slowly, and halfway up his head began to throb and he suddenly felt very thirsty.
He touched the side of his head and the bone felt soft. When he looked at his fingers they were dark with what must have been his blood.

He stood in a grassy area with trees on one side and a dirt road on the other, with more trees beyond that.… Read the rest

The Seer

The Seer of Island #10 had said that he had never intended to provide answers to anyone, but that did not stop his reputation from growing.
From what his sister described, he had arrived on the island by makeshift raft, like many before him, seeking some of the ordnance rumored to have been stored there, but found the island deserted.
Unlike the others, however, he didn’t leave.
Instead, he dragged his raft and supplies to the center of the island, put up a crude lean-to, lighted a fire and fell into deep contemplation, staring into the flames, wondering what he could possibly do next.

The troubles had continued long after anyone had predicted; long after the ones who had started it had been killed.
Those who … Read the rest

The Messenger

The messenger came one night, very late.

He was out of breath and could speak only in a hoarse whisper. His skin was stone-cold from the wind and rain he had run through. We offered him tea and soup, but he would have none. He would not even sit, he said his message was urgent, that there was a terrible danger at his farm.

His voice became quiet, and only those standing next to him, leaning close could hear what he said.

Speaking louder again, the stranger pleaded for every able-bodied person to go with him back to his farm. My father and the others were reluctant, and some looked afraid, but the man seemed so desperate that my father and the other men and the … Read the rest