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Wonders between Dunes (Trias Studios)

Wonders between Dunes

“Walk deep inside the belly of concrete monsters and feel the enormous weight of the city above you.” – Author’s description

Author’s note: This game has on purpose no saving system. The experience should be done in one walk-through and takes about an hour. Take your time. Close the curtains and use headphones

Download on itch.io (Windows)

Download on Game Jolt (Windows)


Wonders between Dunes

Wonders between Dunes

Wonders between DunesRead the rest

Artist Creates Absolutely Epic Geometric Drawings on Beaches Around the World

Not simply content to relax by the ocean with a Mai Tai in hand, Santa Cruz-based land artist Jim Denevan has been beautifying beaches with intricate sand carvings for the past 20 years. Often using driftwood found nearby, he creates the most intricate and compelling of a pattern he can before the tide washes away his work like a Tibetan sand mandala

A new video from Great Big Story documents the process behind several carvings on the scale of Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, but without Jetty‘s permanence. It’s fascinating to see how the works, photos of which have appeared in National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine, MoMA PS1, and gallery shows from Laguna Beach to the UAE. Aside from … Read the rest

This Comic Pro Talks Shaking Off a Stronghold Aesthetic

What happens when a comic book artist with a very specific style approaches their work from an entirely different angle? Sometimes, the process of shifting the artist’s paradigm creates some of their strongest work. Tradd Moore’s illustration on the comic Zero, published by Image Comics, is unlike anything he’s done before. Written by Ales Kot with colors by Jordie Bellaire, the comic follows the story of Edward Zero, a spy who suddenly realizes he’s been working on the wrong side. This week’s mini-comics masterclass, Strip Panel Naked, continues with the third part of an ongoing conversation between host Hass Otsmane-Elhaou and artist Tradd Moore, and the two move from talking about free flowing comic action and non-traditional comic book layouts to a severe … Read the rest

See All the Seasons of Norway in Panoramic 8K Splendor

From temperate summers to sun-flecked autumn to the chilling bite of winter, Norway is a wealth of sense-provoking sensations throughout every season. The short video from Oslo-based production company, Turbin Film, was a time investment spread out over several months, 200,000 photographs snapped, and 20,000 miles traveled. The 8K timelapse was captured and edited by photographer Morten Rustad.

Each seasonal view picks up on a few of the captivating aspects of Norway’s least developed, yet most visually serene, locations. Clouded skies over landmasses, reflective waterways at sunset, and natural greenery all add to an artistic vision of Norway. Turbin Film is familiar with the inspiring terrain of Noway, having recently created a proportionately scenic video of skateboarders gliding and performing tricks across the Read the rest

Nothing Is What It Seems in This Oddly Satisfying Japanese Design Show

Japan‘s public broadcasting system, NKH, airs a show titled Design Ah!, a children’s education program that teaches out of the box thinking. Created in 2011, the Peabody Award-winning series broadcasts a series of whimsical and surreal clips that show lateral thinking for not just not just design but creativity in general. One of the segments on Design Ah! is It’s Different From What You Expected. Filmmaker Daihei Shibata, who worked on this segment, has recently been uploading a selection of clips from the years 2013 to 2015.

The look of It’s Different From What You Expected will be familiar to anyone who remembers PBS children’s programs, or even the BBC’s satirical Look Around You. It’s Different From What You ExpectedRead the rest

Explore the Red Planet With a Mega-Map of Mars’ Topography

We want to reach out and touch the bumps, cracks, and crags of Mars’ surface that Finnish artist Jan Fröjdman weaves into a four-minute short called, A FICTIVE FLIGHT ABOVE REAL MARS. Fröjdman, also an R&D engineer and certified hot air balloonist, spent three months arranging data from 33,000 reference points on stereoscopic 3D images taken by the HiRISE camera orbiting Mars. He edited the results into a four-minute video that feels like scrolling Google Maps on the Red Planet.

“It has really been time-consuming making these panning clips,” Fröjdman writes on the project description. He wants to make it clear that these are a 3D representation based on data, not literal photographs: “This film is not scientific,” he says. “As a space enthusiast … Read the rest

Video Magnification: Revealing Invisible Changes in the World

A CSAIL team — Michael Rubinstein et al. — earned honorable mention for this video at the 10th annual International Science & Technology Visualization Challenge. In the video, the researchers demonstrated an algorithm they developed that amplifies and allows for analysis of subtle movements and variations in color in ordinary videos.

“Many seemingly static scenes contain subtle changes that are invisible to the naked human eye. However, it is possible to pull out these small changes from videos through the use of algorithms we have developed. We give a way to visualize these small changes by amplifying them and we present algorithms to pull out interesting signals from these videos, such as the human pulse, sound from vibrating objects and the motion of hot air.”… Read the rest