These gloriously impractical VR goggles are the next Google Glass


Virtual reality as we know it today didn’t exist in the 19th century, but what if it did? What if, alongside the monocles, pocket watches, and snuffboxes of proper gentlemen of the time, there existed, somehow, a fancy pants VR headset. 

You may officially turn your imagination off, because we found those VR goggles, and they are gloriously impractical yet compelling in their own hipster-using-a-vacuum-tube-phonograph way. 

The 2VR Virtual Reality Headset is a foldable pair of spectacles designed to work with most 4- to 6-inch smartphones to allow you to view VR content on the go.  Read more…

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Watch Björk Become a Virtual Reality Goddess in Her New “Notget VR” Music Video

Ever since we went behind-the-scenes of Björk’s real-time VR music video, fans have been hotly awaiting the online release of the Icelandic artist’s interactive virtual reality music experience. Now, you can dive into the computer-generated world of “Notget,” the cavernous sixth track at the heart of 2015’s Vulnicura

“We wanted the surfaces to alter materials, emit light, and look interesting throughout the entire piece, as it was driven by the underlying motion-capture performance,” said Matt Chandler of London-based VFX studio Analog, who, alongside Arvid Niklasson, and longtime Björk collaborators and photographers Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, created the morphing VR environment that made its debut as part of Bjork Digital at the Day for Night Festival in Houston. … Read the rest

MakeVR Lets You Create 3D Models in Virtual Reality with Real CAD

There’s a new 3D modeler in VR town and it feels like a game-changer — MakeVR was released today by Vive Studios and Sixense. We tested early versions on the HTC Vive system and I can testify it’s an amazing experience, very intuitive and so natural feeling — you just […]

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