Trunk Stories

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The Tooth Fairies

The next morning, Miles came downstairs complaining. "No money! They took the tooth but didn't leave any money!"

Bonnie snapped at him. "Miles! We told you no more teeth under pillows until we figure this out."

"But I didn't!"

Both parents looked at Miles. "Buddy, your mouth is bleeding."

"I had a loose tooth and the fairies pulled it out."

"They pulled it out of your mouth?! Did... Didn't that hurt?"

"A little, but I thought I was getting five bucks."

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A Darker Horse

Two hours later Henry returns with the second envelope.

Finn reads the reply. "I told him that I can only erase online files, not paper. He wrote back that he'll take care of erasing everything else."

Henry squints his eyes. "What is it you do for him?"

She tears up the paper and flushes it. "I 'depresent' people. Many, MANY people, have done things online that could hurt them if people found out: Teachers who want removed every photo of them at a party'; businessmen who want all their comments taken down from... 'naughty' websites. This particular customer seems to have been a bit naughtier than most."



But they told me to watch out. A stray asteroid, named Palomino-5, was traveling at 10,000km/h and was headed my way. There was a chance it could hit me if I weren't careful.

So I was careful. I flipped on the scanner on my visor and was able to track the tiny white dot hurtling toward me, slightly to my left. I twisted my body to match the direction of the asteroid and activated my jet pack. I began accelerating and was soon over 1,000 km/h. I looked back and the asteroid was getting bigger. 2,000km/h and it was bigger still. 5,000 km/h. 9,000 and it was coming close. But I still wasn't going fast enough and my angle was wrong.


The Necrofancier Salon

It was shortly after dusk on the next night when a werewolf burst through the door and shouted, "Do you make clothes out of werewolf hair?!"

I looked behind me hoping there were no werewolf pelts in sight. "I... I... We... some of the bespoke vestments... it's a certain style..."

The werewolf growled. "Listen close. I'm not hateful by nature, but there are a few things I cannot tolerate. One of them is repeating myself." He waited for me, staring into my eyes and breathing into my face.

I turned toward fresher air. "I... I... Yes. Yes!"


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Sci-fi and ghosts
The Diachron

"Part of why I asked you to be part of this lab was because of your aptitude in finding information hidden inside other signals."

"Well, yes. But the steganography I've been doing has been to track covert messages, nothing about quantum timescapes or whatever."

"Yes. But just like a digital photograph can contain concealed information about the time and place that the photo was taken, this signal may also have such information that is not visible to us, perhaps intentional, perhaps not. So, take snapshots of the images on the paper and do the analysis you've been developing to see if there is anything there."

"Ohhhh-kay." Brandon snapped some pictures with his phone and went over to his lab table.

"So, what does this have to do with the ghosts?" Angie said


The house next door was well-stocked so she made a few trips and filled the cottage's little kitchen with as much as could fit. Then she took another load up to the girl, who was waiting at the door when she got there. She looked like she had been crying. She introduced herself as Ashley and asked what was happening. Carla had to yell to be heard and told her as much as she could think of. Ashley said she had found a radio station that was still broadcasting, although just for an hour each day. She said the government was going to open again next week. Carla said she was hoping to stay in the cottage. Ashley looked disappointed. "The guest house? I guess that's okay."

Carla slept in the bed at the guest house with Sandy. There was a small lamp on the bedside table, and she stayed up late reading a copy of the screenplay for "A Streetcar Named Desire" that she had found on a shelf. She woke late, showered again, and filled an oversized backpack with supplies before taking a final batch of supplies to Ashley and told her she was leaving. Ashley was upset, almost to tears. "You know, it's probably safe to come out now." Carla said. "What do you know about it?!" Ashley shrieked. Carla said she would come back in a few days to check on her.

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