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Including: Sudoku, 3-In-A-Row, ABC Path, ABC View, Battleships, Bridges, CalcuDoku, Fillomino, Futoshiki, Hitori, Kakurasu, Killer Sudoku, Light Up, MathemaGrid, Neighbours, Net Slide, Network, Nonogrids, Nurikabe, Range, Skyscrapers, Slants, Slitherlink, Sudoku, Tents, and Tracks.

Most of these are so-called Japanese-style paper-and-pencil logic puzzles that you see in many newspapers. Here, they are implemented in JavaScript and can be played on a computer or phone.

Growing Tea in the U.S.

US-Grown Tea Is Incredibly Rare. This Small Farm Is Blazing a Trail. – “A look at why tea has never really been an American crop—and what a tiny tea operation in rural Mississippi can teach us about how that might change.”

When we lived in Hawaii we met someone who grew his own coffee, his own vanilla, his own chocolate, his own cinnamon, cloves, etc. We knew this wasn’t possible on the mainland because of the temperate climate.

But then I wondered why tea wasn’t grown in the U.S. I’ve visited Uji, Japan, which was one of (if not the primary) tea capitals in Japan, and the climate of Uji is similar to much of the mid-Atlantic or southern U.S. And if they can do it, why can’t we? Well, this article explores that question and answers it.

Swing-A-Way Can Opener

We have gone through so many can openers in the last few years. Each time we buy one, it stops working after just a few cans. Either the gears stop meshing or the handle disconnects from the axle that turns the gear.

We kept trying different, ever-more- expensive brands until we finally found a winner. The Swing-A-Way has worked very well and doesn’t have the problems all the others had.

According to this review of can openers:

John J. Steuby Sr. told us that prior to manufacturing the EZ-Duz-It, his company made hardware for the Swing-A-Way can opener for 30 years. (Steuby stopped making parts for Swing-A-Way after that company was sold a couple of times and moved production to China in 2008.) According to Steuby, to create the EZ-Duz-It, his company made several improvements to the Swing-A-Way model, including making the handle ¼ inch longer. Our testers liked the smoothly spinning knob on the EZ-Duz-It, which provided excellent leverage and required less effort to turn compared with the OXO openers we tried.

How the Lunar Scene from Ad Astra was Made

Jedediah Smith, VFX supervisor for Method Studios, describes the painstaking process visual effects artists used to create the moon and lunar rover sequence in Ad Astra. From their innovative use of infrared cameras to their deep archival research to their extensive use of rotoscoping, the effects team employed an array of techniques to balance realism and accuracy.

How to Solve the Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever

Three gods A, B, and C are called, in some order, True, False, and Random. True always speaks truly, False always speaks falsely, but whether Random speaks truly or falsely is a completely random matter. Your task is to determine the identities of A, B, and C by asking three yes-no questions; each question must be put to exactly one god. The gods understand English, but will answer all questions in their own language, in which the words for “yes” and “no” are “da” and “ja,” in some order. You do not know which word means which.

Implanted memories teach birds a song

Researchers at UT Southwestern have begun to answer these questions in a new songbird study that shows memories can be implanted in the brain to teach vocalizations—without any lessons from the parent. Although the findings have no immediate implications for treating patients, they do provide compelling clues about where to look in the human brain to better understand autism and other conditions that affect language.