Markets of New York City

“This project started with a conversation with Human Resources and a ticket to Paris.

I had been working at American Express developing business in Europe. Lo and behold, my role moved to London, and I stayed in New York (hence the meeting with HR). It was a good thing though – I was excited about the possibilities ahead! But first my husband and I redeemed all our Membership Rewards points and headed straight to Paris with a beautiful guidebook in hand, Markets of Paris.

We explored that city in a brand new way, eating most of our meals at the wonderful Parisian farmers markets. As we wandered, we started to wonder what kinds of markets New York had to offer beyond our beloved greenmarket at Abingdon Square. A frustrating search on the internet yielded very little information about the markets, and there was no single place to find information about them. And so, rather than jump back into a grinding job search, I wrote a book proposal.”