Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has captured a lot of attention. I’ve seen a few episodes and wonder if it’s not just Mad Men meets Lord of the Rings – a very slick and polished period soap opera set in Middle Earth.

But the intro is gorgeous. It is reminiscent of Tolkien’s books, with a map at the very beginning to show you the world the characters inhabit. Supposedly it will change over the course of the show to reflect the changes to the world.

I’ve been having trouble keeping track of all the characters, but their animal representatives help keep them in order in my head

Stark = Wolf
Targaryen = Dragon
Lannister = Lion
Baratheon = Stag
Arryn = Eagle
Greyjoy = Squid
Tully = Fish

The Road to Obion

Here it is, at long last – the synthesis of my interests in music, narrative, and visual arts: