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‘Smart’ e-scooter thinks it can fix flaws with scooter-sharing


An e-scooter is an e-scooter is an e-scooter. Right?

It may seem that way, but companies are developing new designs for the two-wheeled machines. As the scooter-share industry continues to grow, it’s becoming clear that the motorized devices are increasingly important. 

Superpedestrian, a transportation robotics company, works behind the scenes on scooter development. This week it introduced its vehicle intelligence software system that the Cambridge, Massachusetts company wants to pair with a new rugged, “industrial-grade” e-scooter. It thinks it can take on fundamental flaws with scooters: overuse, quickly drained batteries, easily hackable, and more. Read more…

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Microsoft’s redesigned Office icons showcase the future of the software suite


Microsoft has unveiled brand new icons for all the apps in its Office productivity suite.

The Redmond, Washington-based tech giant announced the sweeping changes to its Office app icons in a blog post on Thursday. Each of the new Microsoft Office app icons will be rolling out over the next few months.

The design changes to the Office icons mark the first time in 5 years that Microsoft has updated the productivity suite logos. The apps that will be sporting redesigned icons include Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, and Skype.

The redesigns implement Microsoft’s Fluent Design language which the company has incorporated into Windows 10 since last year. Read more…

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This shapeshifting clock turns time into moving art


London-based design studio Animaro built a kinetic clock that changes its shape depending on the time of the day. Instead of displaying minutes and seconds with precision, Solstice takes a more meditative approach to time and moves in a relaxing, eye-soothing way. Its retail price will be around $770, but you could get it for less until the 13th of December if you back its Kickstarter campaign. Read more…

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What’s your design style? A guide to décor


Ad Content from The Home Depot

A house is more than just a space to inhabit. It’s a sanctuary, a stage for countless family milestones — big and small — and a blank slate upon which to build unique holiday traditions. The process of turning a house into a home takes time and dedication, and it starts by finding the ideal décor that will serve as the backdrop for decades of memories to come.

You may think of The Home Depot as the go-to place for garage renovation supplies, hardware knick-knacks, or daunting DIY flooring projects. But you might not know that The Home Depot also stocks a wide variety of furniture and décor items, so you can decorate any room in your home according to your precise tastes Read more…

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These Lego-like bricks are actually robots that transform walls into kinetic surfaces


Brixels” are software-controlled rotating bricks that transform walls into interactive displays. Created by design studio Breakfast, the Lego-like components are built to bring anything from walls to facades to life.  Read more…

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We met the mind behind the Rubik’s Cube — Mashable Originals


Have you ever given up, helplessly, on a Rubik’s Cube? A tactile tool originally meant to help students learn about space and design, the cube has since become the object of competition; it’s a race to see who can solve the puzzle quickest. Love it or hate it — because who knows if you can actually solve it — the cube is now a staple of popular culture, and it’s all thanks to Erno Rubik. Meet the man behind the legacy. Read more…

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Graphic design is an in-demand skill — here’s how to add it to your résumé


Have a knack for computers and an eye for good design? You should consider pursuing a career in graphic design.

But of course, you don’t need to be a bonafide graphic designer to add a couple of tools to your skillset. Graphic design can come in handy if you’re launching a startup and are in need of a great logo on a budget. Or maybe you’re starting a blog in your spare time. Or perhaps you want to take the aesthetics of your résumé to the next level, i.e., not just something you could create on a word processor. Honestly, the options are endless.

Luckily, The Complete Learn To Design Bundle is here to help. With over 63 hours of content, this course will teach you the nuts and bolts of graphic design. Each of the eight classes will show you a new skill — like WordPress, InDesign, Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG) — giving you a comprehensive, A to Z look at graphic design. Will you become a design pro overnight? Not necessarily. However, you will have a basic understanding of design and be able to catapult your skills further. Read more…

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10 online courses and tools to make you a design pro by the end of Labor Day weekend


If your only plan this Labor Day weekend is to breeze through your Netflix watchlist, why not make your vacation more worthwhile by feeding your brain with new knowledge? 

We’re rounding up deals on design tools and training that can boost your career (and salary) in a big way. So maybe next year you can spend Labor Day in Ibiza, ya heard? From lessons on UX and UI design to design apps that can help you build websites faster, these training bundles and tools can  help you become a design pro.

1. The Complete Adobe Mastery Bundle: Lifetime Access

You know deep down that MS Paint and Powerpoint can only get you so far. Start honing actual photo manipulation and editing skills with this training bundle. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of Photoshop, but you’ll also get to explore and master other top Adobe apps including Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Lightroom. Read more…

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Towering, twisted skyscraper proposed to be Australia’s tallest building


A towering, twisting skyscraper with vertical green space and a public rooftop garden is set to become Australia’s tallest building.

Dubbed the “Green Spine,” and set to stand 356.20 metres (1,168 feet) high, the design for the striking cantilevered structure was unveiled for the city of Melbourne on Wednesday.

Designed by Dutch architecture firm UNStudio and Melbourne-based Cox Architecture, the structure will sit on Melbourne’s Southbank Boulevard and is made up of two buildings clad with vertical gardens and geometric glass facades. Read more…

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