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Pugh Farms Poultry

We are Pugh Farms Poultry, and we run our own poultry CSA. We offer chicken, duck, and turkey. We raise everything here in the Hudson Valley on locally milled grain. Our birds are on pasture as soon as they’re able to tolerate the weather. Birds raised in the spring, summer and fall, spend their entire lives thereafter on pasture. The winter birds are in the barn when there’s snow on the ground or freezing temperatures. We don’t treat our birds or land with any herbicides, pesticides, hormones or antibiotics.

Our poultry products are available for CSA pick-up or purchase at farmers markets in Suffern, Haverstraw, West Point, and Rye Brook. The Suffern and Rye Brook markets are year round, and we attend each market once a … Read the rest

Tamarack Hollow Farm

Our CSA is available for pick up at the Union Square Greenmarket on Wednesdays, from June 12 to the end of October- a 20 week share. The CSA is a weekly share of certified organic vegetables, with the option to receive free range pastured meats and free range pastured eggs, all from our heritage breed livestock and poultry. Our meats and eggs are offered as a credit system; members can purchase blocks of credits and exchange them for meat and eggs as needed, at about 10% off of our market price.

We seed, raise, and harvest all of our vegetables by hand at our pristine Vermont farm. We carefully wash and pack our vegetables to make sure you receive the freshest produce imaginable! As often as … Read the rest

Sprout Creek Farm

“Encompassing 200 acres in Dutchess County, NY, Sprout Creek Farm is really three different entities, distinct yet dynamically entertwined. It is a working farm, raising free-ranging cows, sheep, goats, wild turkeys, guinea fowl, chickens, and pigs.

It is a market, selling our internationally award-winning cheeses and farm-produced meats, as well as local Hudson Valley milk, eggs, vegetables, crafts, and gifts. And it is an educational center, offering day, weekend, and summer programs that help connect young people to the land, the seasons, and the plants and animals that co-exist here in harmonious rhythm.”… Read the rest

Holton Farms

“Holton Farms is owned by cousins Seth Holton and Jurrien Swarts and family friend George Hornig. The Holton family, among the first settlers of Westminster, Vermont, has been farming this quaint village for over 200 years. As eighth generation farmers, we take farming seriously. We use sustainable farming methods, not because it’s in fashion, but because it makes sense and it’s the right thing to do.

Our farm produces a diverse selection of agricultural products including organic and conventional vegetables, herbs and fruits, grass fed beef cows, pigs, lambs, chickens, turkeys, eggs, maple syrup and honey. We also offer high-quality products from a number of neighboring farms and other local artisanal producers.”… Read the rest

Browders Birds

“For the 2010 season, we are pleased to announce that Browder’s Birds will be offering its pastured poultry on the North Fork and in New York City through our own and partner CSAs. We will also be at the Westhampton Beach Farmers Market every Saturday from June – November. We are very excited about giving you the opportunity to enjoy our pastured, local, healthy and delicious chickens.”


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Upstate Farms

“Upstate Farms is a grower and distributor of specialty produce based in Tivoli, NY — the heart of the Hudson Valley.
We work only with small family farms to deliver the highest quality vegetables, fruits, cheese, dairy, and meats. When you source from us, you are supporting local farmers, preserving valuable farmland, and promoting regional agriculture. Read more about the products we offer.

Paisley Farm is our 25-acre farm in Tivoli, NY owned and operated by Michael Kokas and Jan Greer. We have been growing organic specialty vegetables for 15 years, and we farm with the help of our two children, Julian and Augusta. We plant with the chef in mind. We love to cook ourselves, and we love to share what we grow. We’ve been … Read the rest

Anthill Farm

“We are small family farm located six miles outside of Honesdale, PA. We raise four acres of vegetables, tend ten acres of fruit and nut orchards, and raise pigs, chickens, and honey bees. We are deeply committed to organic farming practices and strive to provide healthy food to our local community.

Our goal is to help create alternatives to the dominant model of industrial agriculture, which we believe is wasteful, toxic, unfair to small farmers, and creates scarcity instead of abundance. We envision the Anthill as a model for the agriculture of the future: we draw on permaculture design principles, ancient farming practices, and the latest scientific research in order to create a balanced agro-system that is sustainable, plentiful, and inclusive.” … Read the rest

High Point Farms

“High Point Farms, LLC is committed to providing our customers with high quality Grass-Fed beef, grass-fed lamb, free range eggs, pasture raised chicken, pasture raised pork as nature intended – and as our ancestors enjoyed!

We do not use any antibiotics or growth hormones with any animals we raise or our cooperative farms raise. All animals are treated humanely and raised outside!”… Read the rest

High View Farm

“Linda and Mike are the proud caretakers of High View Farm. Along with our four American Border Collies Maggie, Finn, Red Skye, and Katy, our horses Woody and Lucky, and our cat Whack, we keep everything running smoothly (most of the time)!

In addition to breeding American Border Collies and boarding horses, we raise sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, and goats.

We take pride in raising all our animals naturally, with care and plenty of room to graze.”… Read the rest