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Po’Daddy Chilli

This one is easy:

1 can beans – Black or whatever you have. Don’t bother draining them. Why would you? Bean can juice is delicious! And full of that umami meatiness. Also, draining takes more effort and means more washing up afterward. I stock up on canned beans when I see them on sale. Often less than $1/can. Dried beans are cheaper, and when I think of it I’ll soak about a cup of them a day in advance. Once they’re soaked, though, you should use them within a day or they’ll start to rot.

1 can tomatoes – Diced is best for this. So you get reasonably-sized chunks of tomato. But anything would work. Size of can doesn’t really matter.

1 Tablespoon chili powder – … Read the rest

Sheryl Sandberg’s Accidental Revolution

How Sandberg’s grief became the catalyst for a new, emotionally honest management style at Facebook and beyond.

Sheryl Sandberg’s husband died of a heart arrhythmia on a Friday evening. They’d been vacationing in Mexico, and from the moment she saw him on the resort’s gym floor, a life built on relentless order — in the workplace, in the home, and especially in balancing the two — was thrust into terrifying chaos. She flew home and broke the news to her two young children. She listened to Bono perform “One” in front of 1,700 people crammed into the Stanford Memorial Auditorium for a memorial. She spent seven days welcoming friends for the traditional Jewish shiva, accepting food she mostly didn’t eat.

Then, on the following Monday, Sandberg … Read the rest

How We Judge a Good Game—Part 1

As part of our support for the Choice of Games Contest for Interactive Novels, we will be posting an irregular series of blog posts discussing important design and writing criteria for games. We hope that these can both provide guidance for people participating in the Contest and also help people understand how we think about questions of game design and some best practices. These don’t modify the evaluation criteria for the Contest, and (except as noted) participants are not required to conform to our recommendations–but it’s probably a good idea to listen when judges tell you what they’re looking for.

If these topics interest you, be sure to sign up for our contest mailing list below! We’ll post more of our thoughts on game design Read the rest

New malaria vaccine is fully effective in very small clinical trial

(credit: Credit: JJ Harrison, via Wikimedia) Malaria, a potentially deadly mosquito-borne infection, remains a problem in many parts of the world. Reducing infections has been challenging because no vaccine is currently available. Prevention efforts have mostly concentrated on eliminating the transmission vector, mosquitoes. A recent study published in Nature shows that a new vaccine for malaria is well tolerated by humans and can provide significant immunity to malaria. Malaria is caused by infection of the protozoan parasite Plasmodium falciparum. These are complex cells that have a number of means to evade the immune system, which has made the creation of vaccines challenging. To make this new vaccine, the parasites were first rendered harmless via radiation and then rapidly frozen for preservation. Healthy adult volunteers were given … Read the rest

Dramatic Satellite Photo Shows an 'Atmospheric River' Drenching California

The Pineapple Express has been wreaking havoc across much of California over the past few months, delivering unusually high amounts of rain and threatening the state with floods and landslides. A dramatic new satellite image shows this “atmospheric river” as it extends from Hawaii to the US West Coast. Read more…
Dramatic Satellite Photo Shows an ‘Atmospheric River’ Drenching California

Source: Gizmodo Science

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Studies show testosterone offers little benefits to ageing men

(credit: AbbVie) In decades of research, scientists have found only one medical condition that’s clearly and effectively treated with testosterone supplements: pathological hypogonadism—that’s low testosterone levels due to disease of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, or testes. But that hasn’t stopped drug makers and the supplement industry from convincing men that jacking their testosterone will stave off the effects of aging. Getting old naturally lowers testosterone in the body. In efforts to combat “Low T,” testosterone sales sprung 10-fold in the US between 2000 and 2011. In light of that trend, researchers are trying to get a handle on the health benefits of that beefed-up hormone consumption. So far, it looks wimpy. Read 8 remaining paragraphs | Comments
Studies show testosterone offers little benefits to ageing menRead the rest