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The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

“The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory offers simple, pure and delicious ice cream. Production is done only at our two Brooklyn locations in small batches. The original location, in a landmark fireboat house on the Fulton Ferry Pier, features one of most sweeping views in America, the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan skyline & Statue of Liberty.

When we could not make enough ice cream to meet the demand at our original location, the Greenpoint, Brooklyn factory was opened in 2007. While the quality of our ingredients and the labor involved in this delicate process make our ice cream more costly to make, we still sell it at a very competitive price.”

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Sisters Liqueurs

“Sister Liqueurs is a new cocktail club in Brooklyn; think CSA but for Liqueurs. All Liqueurs are handmade, using organic herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. Sister Liqueurs has monthly membership meetings in the form of cocktail parties. Members can bring one guest per party. At the parties samples of different cocktails made with the liqueur of the month are available for enjoyment, along with recipe suggestions.”… Read the rest

Enlightenment Wines

“Enlightenment wines is probably the smallest legal winery in NY State- a cult “nano” natural winery operating out a family farmstead in the Hudson Valley.

Using a low tech, gravity fed method and a radically different buisness model, Enlightenment wines produces cutting edge and absolutely original unfiltered meads and dry sparkling fruit wines in runs of under 100 cases at a time.

Focusing on direct sales with its very own wine only CSA (Community Supported Alcohol ) Enlightenment Wines is actively attempting to redefine the modern winery as a ultra local person to person experience.”… Read the rest

Brooklyn Farm Table

“We began crafting tables for friends over ten years ago and never expected these favors to develop into a full-fledged business. Brooklyn Farm Table opened in 1996. Operating first out of a studio on Plymouth Street in DUMBO (before the condo boom) then the New York Shipyards on Beard Street in Red Hook (before IKEA took over), Brooklyn Farm Table is now located on Van Brunt Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Ralph Gorham, founder of Brooklyn Farm Table initially used common and exotic woods to fabricate his tables, but as the construction boom exploded in New York City he noticed beautiful old wood that was being exposed for the first time.”… Read the rest

Alison Wines

“Set in a converted 19th Century dairy barn amid scenic Hudson Valley farmland, Alison Wines & Vineyards crafts sophisticated table wines from the Noble French varietals as well as delicious dessert-style wines from locally-grown fruits. We are proud to produce award-winning wines that showcase the splendid things the Hudson Valley and New York State have to offer.”… Read the rest

The Yarn Tree



“The Yarn Tree is a specialty shop committed to providing its customers with an impressive variety of high-quality yarns and fibers. Opened in summer 2001 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the shop is owned and run by weaver, dyer and fiber-expert Linda LaBelle.

Here you will find classes in knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, felt-making, embroidery, as well as workshops in both natural and low-impact dyeing. Linda is committed to working with small yarn producers, even dealing directly with the sheep farms and working with hand-dyers. You will only find natural fibers at The Yarn Tree.

In September of 2009, The YarnTree partnered with Linda Geren of Highview Farm to carry not only her beautiful yarn but her meat as well. Linda raises hormone-free, meadow-raised sheep and … Read the rest

Amazing Real Live Food Co.

“Here at the Amazing Real Live Food Co., we are committed to producing restorative food and drink in our home… the Hudson Valley. Our goal is to make vital products that honor our body as a living organism and promote its good health.

Our philosophy is to make delicious, wholesome ‘vittles’ (foods) & ‘elixirs’ (drinks) for our friends and neighbors. Products containing essential probiotic beasties, dense nutritional values, and key digestive enzymes, which the human body naturally thrives on, so we might be able to feed our dear ones well, while helping their bodies become healthier.”… Read the rest

Picada y Vino

“Picada y Vino is a wine shop located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, specializing in the art of pairing wines with food. We believe that wine is all about delight and discovery. It is about finding and knowing your palate. Our shelves feature a diverse selection of more than 300 handpicked vintages from a wide variety of locales and an extensive range of grapes, with a focus on smaller production, high quality yet approachable wines that are meant to be enjoyed with a meal or simply with friends.”… Read the rest