A delightful reference for HTML Symbols, Entities and ASCII Character Codes

This is the most complete and useful source for these codes. Some, like m-dash (— —) or quotation mark (" “) or copyright (© ©) I use often enough to remember. But things like section (§ §) and registered (® ®) and trademark (™ ™) I have to look up each time. https://www.toptal.com/designers/htmlarrows/

NYTimes Puzzles

Lots of puzzles at the New York Times. Some require a subscription but many others are free. nytimes.com/puzzles Current favorite is Spelling Bee

Implanted memories teach birds a song

Researchers at UT Southwestern have begun to answer these questions in a new songbird study that shows memories can be implanted in the brain to teach vocalizations—without any lessons from the parent. Although the findings have no immediate implications for treating patients, they do provide compelling clues about where to look in the human brain… Continue reading Implanted memories teach birds a song

Inscape : Washburn University’s Literary Magazine

Inscape, an annual literary magazine published at Washburn University, features high-quality new fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and visual art. Over the past several years, Inscape has grown from a strictly local concern into a journal with a national profile and a world-class roster of contributors. Inscape accepts submissions from August through October. washburn.edu/inscape

Why Red Means Red in Almost Every Language

http://nautil.us/issue/76/language/why-red-means-red-in-almost-every-language-rp Many experts expect that science will eventually reconcile the relativist and universalist philosophies. “As is probably the case with all nature-nurture debates, it ends up being a bit of both,” Franklin says. In a 2008 study, she and her colleagues found that infants were quicker to recognize a color from a new category if… Continue reading Why Red Means Red in Almost Every Language


Adventuron is a free web based text adventure authoring system. The Adventuron text adventure creation system allows anyone to build modern or retro-style text adventures – that can be played on modern devices such as desktop, tablet, and mobile phones. Games are compiled to a standalone HTML file that can be easily shared with friends,… Continue reading Adventuron

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