Blogma Week 3


Intro to Physical Computing
Fall, 2003
Jeff Feddersen

Week 3

I had been invited to the beach where friends have a cottage this weekend, but said no because I had planned to go upstate to see other friends – but now they’re all sick, and the beach friends are already gone.

So I’ll spend Saturday haging out with some wires.

Blogma Week7

Blogma Intro to Physical Computing Fall, 2003 Jeff Feddersen Week 7 Common Ground! My home phone number is, apparently, one digit different from the front desk of Screw magazine. I get some bizzare wrong numbers. I was temporarily without my bread board, so I did some soldering and hooked up the servo directly to a… Continue reading Blogma Week7

One Week Later

I still get whiffs of ozone every now and then through the window. People speak of feeling numb, but the most numbing thing is to hear people on TV speak so mournfully, then break to commercials for shampoo and contact lens cleaner.

Things are really not so different than they were 2 weeks ago. There are fewer cars on the downtown streets, and village bars that normally sell beer for $5 per glass have $1 and $2 drafts and $0.15 chicken wings because fewer people have been going out. But people don’t instinctively look up now when they hear airplanes overhead.

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A Perverted Carnival

I went to a perverted carnival today, walked down 6th Avenue to gawk with the rest. From 2 blocks from my street to as far south as I could see was a single column of parked Komatsu backhoes. An orange and white cat was trying to climb the front right tire of one, but it was too high for it to get a foothold.

Day Three

I haven’t been watching the news, I’ve gotten frustrated with all the rumor-mongering and lack of facts. There also seems to be a disjoint between what the media portrays and what the streets of Manhattan are actually like.