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Uncanny Renderings of Art History’s Famous Self-Portraits

Allan Rubin, “Frida & Diego” (2016), oil on metal cans, 17″ h (all images courtesy the artist)

NARROWSBURG, New York — Most every artist must establish, to some degree, their relationship to the art canon. Some endlessly reference it, while others reject it; artist Allan Rubin, on the other hand, renders his artistic heroes into three-dimensional sculptures made from upcycled tin cans.

Rubin really puts the “can” in canvas, applying his paintings to metal rather than fabric. In 2016, Rubin created his first master artist sculpture of Picasso, touching off a body of work called CANON, now on display at the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance.

Allan Rubin, “Picasso” (2016), oil on metal cans, 13″ x 8″ x 5″

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