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Los Pollos Hermanos Pop-Up Probably Won’t Sell You Meth—or Chicken

East-coast Breaking Bad fans will finally get a chance to check out Gus Fring’s sinister-yet-mundane Albuquerque fast-food chain, Los Pollos Hermanos. Yep, ‘The Chicken Brothers’ are coming to Manhattan on April 9 and 10, but they’re not likely to bring any of their famous chicken. 

The infamous fictional restaurant is known for the tagline “Where something delicious is always cooking,” (get it, because they cook amazing chicken, but also meth), yet will probably only be serving one food item at the pop-up. That’s right, curly fries. 

Fear not though, you can also get dipping sauces and water. 

Leading up to the premiere of the third season of Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul on AMC, which begins April 10, the fictional restaurants have been popping up … Read the rest