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Whelmers and Wizard IV

Our local Ace hardware store in Hilo (333 Kilauea) hosts a “Hardware Science” activity every week, demonstrating a science principle in a fun way. They have a book written by “Wizard IV”, the purported intellectual descendant of Wizard I (Michael Faraday) and Wizard III (Don Herbert, aka Mr. Wizard).

Intrigued, I searched and found the site whelmers.com a site with some of the 20,000 science activities collected over the past 200 years, designed to not overwhelm the audience/students, but merely “whelm” them.

Great stuff… Read the rest

Aloha Dispatch Day 4

How big is the Big Island?

The question I’ve been asked most about our trip to the big island is, “How big is the Big Island?” I guess with a name like that, it must be pretty big, right?

The island of Hawaii is a little more than 4,000 square miles, bigger than all the other Hawaiian islands combined.
The crack in the Earth’s plates that permits magma to flow through the crust is moving, but slowing down, so the islands of Hawaii are really just one volcano that moves inch by inch below the surface, forming increasingly larger islands as it goes.

The map here shows cellular coverage on the island, which is a decent indicator of population.

The state of Delaware is about 2,500 … Read the rest

Games for Change

When hearing or reading the title of the conference, I kept thinking about signs that read “Will work for food” morphing into “Will code games for change”

Over all the conference was not well-organized and was nothing at all like the Serious Games Summit I went to a couple of years ago.
Still, the notion of serious games seems much more accepted than it was back then.

Most of the audience seemed to be middle-aged women who seemed to care about the world, but had no experience with activism or with games.
A few of the panelists were good, but ended up dumbing-down what they had to say to suit the audience.

There were 4 or 5 UN people there, most from Unicef.

Many panelists had … Read the rest