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The Bolivian Clock That Runs Backwards

The building that houses Bolivia’s legislative assembly in Plaza Murillo, in central La Paz, features a clock above the entrance that looks like a mirror image. The positions of the numerals on the clock face are reversed, and the clock itself runs anticlockwise. The building, which was erected during the 1920s and was originally intended to serve as the headquarters of Bolivia's central bank, featured a regular clock until 2014, when the clock was reversed to better reflect the “southern-ness” of the Bolivian people.

“Who said clocks always have to run the same way? Why do we always have to be obedient? Why can't we be creative?” asked Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca, who seemed especially pleased with the idea.


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Remaking History: James Watt and the Flyball Governor

In 1764, scotsman James Watt grew thoughtful as he tinkered with the machinery associated with his job as a steam engine technician. The main problem with those early steam engines, called Newcomen engines, was that they were terribly inefficient. They were a step up from draft horses, but Newcomen engines […]

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